Place:Vienna, Abbeville, South Carolina, United States


TypeGhost town
Located inAbbeville, South Carolina, United States,0.298,1.897,1.024,0

Vienna (in 1849) was located in Abbeville County, South Carolina, on the Savannah River, across from Petersburg, Elbert County, Georgia. It is mentioned in Wikipedia:

"PETERSBURG, in point of situation and commercial consequence is second only to Augusta. It is situated on a point of Land, formed by Broad river, where it empties into Savannah river; is a handsome well built Town and presents to the view of the astonished traveller, a Town which has risen out of the Woods in a few years, as if by enchantment: It has two Warehouses for the Inspection of Tobacco: Is fifty miles North west from Augusta. On another point of land on the opposite side of Broad river is the town of Lincoln [Lisbon?], which has an Inspection for Tobacco, some Stores, &c. On the opposite shore in South-Carolina, is the town of Vienna, which has a number of houses, Stores, a tobacco-inspection, &c.' (Sibbald 1801:62-63)"

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