Place:Union, Centre, Pennsylvania, United States


Located inCentre, Pennsylvania, United States     (1850 - )

Union Township was formed in 1850 from Boggs Township, but settlers had begun to arrive in this part of the Bald Eagle Valley well in advance. The first to settle was Thomas Parsons and his family. They came in 1770 from Maryland, just a year after Andrew Boggs had settled along Bald Eagle Creek in what would become Milesburg. A steady migration into the valley was underway by 1800 and included William Fisher, the first of a large group of Chester County Quakers who established themselves in Union Township. Eastern settlers took advantage of the Philadelphia and Erie Turnpike in reaching this part of Centre County. This early road passed along the valley to Unionville, and then headed in a northwesterly direction to Philipsburg. Later a series of switchbacks were built in Union Township for the Snow Shoe Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad in order to allow trains to climb the steep mountainous grade to reach Snow Shoe Township's coal supply.