Place:Rock Hill Cemetery, Loudoun, Virginia, United States

NameRock Hill Cemetery
Coordinates37.584774°N 77.249875°W
Located inLoudoun, Virginia, United States     (1889 - )
See alsoMiddleburg, Loudoun, Virginia, United Statestown near cemetery location
Saint Louis, Loudoun, Virginia, United Statestown near cemetery location

Rock Hill Cemetery is an all-black cemetery in rural Loudoun County, Virginia. The cemetery sits on sloping woodland purchased from former slave owners. The grounds fell into disrepair in the 1950s, a situation which was reversed after transfer of stewardship occurred from John Colbert (buried on the grounds) and Vernon Peterson, caretaker as of April 2011. Mr. Peterson was composing an index of interments as of April 2011.



The cemetery is serviced by a dirt road running between farmland near the towns of Middleburg and Saint Louis, Virgina.


The grounds consist of 120 family-owned plots, each of which can harbor 12 standard graves. As of April 2011, each plot cost $50 USD per year.


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