Place:Pankow, Brandenburg, Preußen, Germany

Alt namesBerlin-Pankowsource: FHLC
Coordinates52.569167°N 13.403333°E
Located inBrandenburg, Preußen, Germany     (1815 - 1920)
Also located inBerlin, Brandenburg, Preußen, Germany     (1920 - 1946)
Ost-Berlin, Berlin, Germany     (1946 - 1990)
Berlin, Germany     (1990 - present)

Note: In keeping with the 1900-rule at WeRelate, places in Germany are organized as they were in 1900 when Germany was known as the German Empire.

Pankow was first mentioned as a settlement in a 1311 deed by the Margraves of Brandenburg.

In 1900, Pankow was a village in Brandenburg (province), Preußen, Germany.

In 1920, Pankow village was incorporated as a district into the independent city of Berlin in Brandenburg (province), Preußen, Germany.

In 1946, the city of Berlin was divided into East Berlin and West Berlin. Pankow district was located in East Berlin.

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In 2001, Pankow was designated as a burough of the city of Berlin.

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