Place:Old Nazareth Cemetery, Anderson, South Carolina, United States


NameOld Nazareth Cemetery
Coordinates34.537°N 82.92417°W
Located inAnderson, South Carolina, United States     (1803 - present)


  • 1803 Congregation "Nazareth on the Beaverdam" established by Second Presbytery of South Carolina.
  • 1830-1835 Probable time frame of construction or purchase of building and establishment of cemetery.
  • 1877 & 1878 Building abandoned, rebuilt in Townville 2.5 miles east, eventually becoming Townville Presbyterian Church. New cemetery established, apparently no graves moved from prior site.
  • 1877 through 1980's Awareness of cemetery gradually lost to members of families buried in cemetery and to Townville Presbyterian Church. Used as trash dump and hog lot, grown up with hedges, saw briars, etc.
  • 1988 through 1995 Both families and church become increasingly aware of cemetery's existence and significance.
  • 1996 & 1997 Harris family initiates clean up to restore what was believed to be a family plot of 13 or so graves. Discovered connection to Townville Presbyterian Church and identified owners of site.
  • 1998 Hand cleared, identifying approximately 58 graves. Received promise from owners to deed property over.
  • 1999 Harris family members formed "Old Nazareth Cemetery Preservation Organziation". Site was surveyed, plat prepared, ground plan developed and highway entry established.
  • 2000 Owners deeded property to Cemetery Organization at no cost.
  • 2001-2002 Continuation of getting site under control. Tree stump and trash removal, grading, repetitive weed spraying, etc. Fertilized and seeded for the first time. Wording of historic markers worked out jointly between Townville Presbyterian Church and Harris family members, submitted to state agency for approval and ordered.
  • 2003 Historic marker installed in January. Black locust split rail fence erected at entry, cedar rail fence erected to distinguish actual burial ground. Driveway graveled, and drainage problem corrected. Mowing agreement entered into. Townville Presbyterian Church celebrated 200th birthday.
  • 2004 Eighteen trees removed from inside perimeter of burial area, ground up for mulch and spread in appropriate area around split rail fences. Red oaks (32) planted outside of perimeter, 2 per location.
  • 2005 Fire ant infestation along with severe 'mini-burst' occupied a majority of effort and funds. At least a hundred mounds were repeatedly treated and two trees uprooted, one inside the fence perimeter, and one out, both falling among gravestones. A third of planted red oaks will probably survive. Ants are under control and grounds can again be mechanically, rather than hand, mowed as fall arrives.

The gravestones have not been touched until such time as professional advice and perhaps services could be obtained.

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