Alt namesNew Francesource: Wikipedia EN
Coordinates46°N 71°W
Contained Places
Administrative region
Louisiane ( 1682 - 1763 )
Acadie ( 1603 - 1710 )
Canada ( 1534 - 1763 )
Terre-Neuve ( 1655 - 1713 )

La Nouvelle-France (New France) was a colony of the Kingdom of France, located in North America that existed from 1534 to 1763. It was a key element of the first French colonial empire and its capital was Québec.

The territory of Nouvelle-France was composed of the following areas:

At its peak, it extended to the watersheds of the St. Lawrence River and Great Lakes, the Mississippi River north of La Prairie, the Labrador Peninsula, the area around the Hudson Bay region of Lake Winnipeg, the Saskatchewan River and the Ohio Valley.

Various portions of Nouvelle-France had been ceded to England before 1763, but in 1763 the remaining portions in their entirety were ceded to England (the sole exception being the islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon).