Place:Northampton District, Northamptonshire, England

NameNorthampton District
TypeDistrict municipality
Coordinates52.24°N 0.896°W
Located inNorthamptonshire, England     (1974 - )
See alsoNorthampton, Northamptonshire, Englandprincipal town from which the district was formed in 1974
Image:419px-Northamptonshire UK district map (titled).png

In 1974 the county borough of Northampton was reconstituted as a non-metropolitan district which also covered areas outside the former borough boundaries but inside the designated New Town. (Source: Wikipedia)

For a description of the County Borough of Northampton (which preceded the Northampton non-metropolitan district), see Northampton.

Research Tips

These two maps show the boundaries of the individual civil parishes in the county in 1900 and in 1944. Comparing the two on a local level allows one to understand the alterations (should there be any) which occurred during the interim period which are noted in the text above.