Place:Mount Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, Frederick, Virginia, United States


NameMount Hebron Cemetery
Located inWinchester, Frederick, Virginia, United States     (1844 - )

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Mount Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia

About Mount Hebron Cemetery

Mount Hebron Cemetery 305 E Boscawen Street Winchester Winchester City Virginia USA Postal Code: 22601 Phone: 540-662-4868

Mount Hebron Cemetery is actually a complex of five adjoining graveyards within a common enclosure. By 1842, the Lutheran and Reformed churches had moved their congregations down into Winchester but their cemeteries where still being used. In February of 1844 a charter was granted for a public cemetery which became the Mount Hebron Cemetery. Starting with a 5-acre plot of land next to the Lutheran and Reformed cemeteries, Mount Hebron has grown to cover more than 50 acres. In 1866 the Stonewall Confederate Cemetery was established and in 1891 Charles Broadway Rouss donated the money to build the present day iron picket fence surrounding the property. In 1902 Rouss donated additional funds for the limestone tower gate, which houses the cemetery office, chapel, and superintendent's home. The last addition to the Mount Hebron complex took place in December of 2002 when the General Daniel Morgan Veteran's Cemetery was established. Today, Mount Hebron is home to numerous burial sites, monuments, private mausoleums, and burial vaults where there lay generals, governors, patriots, and humbles citizens from every age.