Place:Mount Farm, West Riding of Yorkshire, England

NameMount Farm
TypeUninhabited hamlet
Coordinates53.5434°N 1.8398°W
Located inWest Riding of Yorkshire, England     (1600 - 1930)
Also located inYorkshire, England    
See alsoWood Hey Laithe, West Riding of Yorkshire, England
Holmfirth, West Riding of Yorkshire, Englandcivil parish in which it was located until 1974
Kirklees, West Yorkshire, Englandmetropolitan borough covering the area since 1974


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Thought to be a picture of Mount Farm c 1930

Nearest Hamlets: Wood Hey Laithe and Lane Village.

In 1841 Census was described as in Wood Hey Laithe. PRs refer to Holmwood or Wood Hey Laithe

Image:Wood Hey laithe.jpg

1850s map of Mount Farm and Wood Hey Laithe

Image:Wood Hey Laithe sat.JPG

2000s aerial view showing remains of walls

You can click on the map on he left to zoom in and see this view


1941 Census Mount Farm listed as Wood Hey Laithe

Image:1841 Census Holme p4 John Howard.jpg

1847 (Jun qtr) Richard Howard marries Amelia Whiteley

1851 (Mar qtr) James Howard marries Mary Haigh of holmwoods

1851 Census

Image:1851 Census sched 92 Holme James Howard.jpg Image:1851 Holme Census sched 93 Richard Howard.jpg

1861 Census

Image:1861 Holme Census sched 65 James Howard.jpg

1869 (Dec qtr) son Haigh Howard Born.

Richard and Amelia Howard move to Rake, Holme

1871 Census

Image:1871 Census Holme sch 63 Mount James Howard .jpg

1873 Son Arthur Howard Dies aged 21

187x Widowed Brother of wife Joseph Haigh moves in with two daughters

1881 Census

Image:1881 Census Holme sch 63 Mount James Howard.JPG

188x Father James Howard Dies

1891 Census

Image:1891 Census Holme sched 84 Mary Howard.jpg

1893 Haigh (23) Marries Hannah Gummersell (21) (Dec qtr) Holmbridge Church (TBC)

1894 Daughter Mary Howard Born

1895 Daughter Sarah Howard Born

1897 Son James Howard Born

1901 Census

Image:1901 census Sched 81 Haigh Howard.jpg

1903 Son Arthur Howard Born

1905 Daughter Alice Howard Born

1911 Census

Image:1911 Census Holme HAIGH HOWARD (RG14PN26217 RG78PN1516 RD495 SD3 ED1 SN90).jpg