Place:Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Hayward, Alameda, California, United States

NameHoly Sepulchre Cemetery
Coordinates37.654946125529°N 122.06763267517°W
Located inHayward, Alameda, California, United States
Also located inAlameda, California, United States    
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Holy Sepulchre Cemetery is located on the north side of Mission Boulevard, south of State Route 92 and east of State Route 880 at the corner of Mission Boulevard and Harder Road. It is most easily accessed by taking State Route 880 and exiting on Jackson Street East.


26320 Mission Blvd
Hayward, CA
Phone:(510) 581-2488‎

History & Facilities

Named to recall the burial site of Our Blessed Savior, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery was opened in 1913 and is dominated by the central chapel mausoleum which calls to mind the tomb in which Jesus of Nazareth was laid to rest following his crucifixion atop Calvary.

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery is a 115 acre property with 77 developed acres. There are now more than 20 sections devoted to ground burial, additional community mausoleums, and facilities for both ground and above-ground inurnment of cremated remains. There are also a number of private family mausoleums on the property.

Over the course of the cemetery’s 97 years of service, over 77,000 committal services have taken place. Holy Sepulchre Cemetery currently supports the Catholic burial needs of 27 parishes of southern Alameda County area.

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery continues to offer Catholics and their families places for ground burial, crypt entombment, and cremation inurnment. The most recent developments include Saint Francis Mausoleum, and Our Lady of Fatima Section.

These developments and continual long-range planning ensure that Holy Sepulchre has a substantial inventory for full ground burial, mausoleum entombment, and facilities for ground and above-ground inurnment of cremated remains.

Cemetery Family Service Counselors are available six days a week for both pre­need and at-need arrangements.