Place:Hamilton-Wentworth, Ontario, Canada

Alt namesHamilton-Wentworth Regional Municipalitysource: common parlance
Hamilton Regionsource: common parlance
TypeCounty municipality
Coordinates43.23°N 79.95°W
Located inOntario, Canada     (1974 - 2001)
See alsoWentworth, Ontario, Canadacounty whose municipalities, including the City of Hamilton, were amalgamated into the region in 1973
Hamilton, Ontario, Canadasingle-tier municipality which replaced Hamilton-Wentworth in 2001
Contained Places
Flamborough ( 1974 - 2001 )
Glanbrook ( 1974 - 2001 )
Stoney Creek ( 1974 - 2001 )

Hamilton-Wentworth was a relatively short-lived regional municipality which replaced the County of Wentworth and the independently incorporated City of Hamilton in 1973 and lasted until 2001 when its municipalities were abolished and the governance of the area was controlled by Hamilton, a city council with representation by wards.

The municipalities making up Hamilton-Wentworth in 1974 were:

  • the City of Hamilton
  • the City of Dundas
  • the Township of Ancaster
  • the Township or municipality of Flamborough
  • the Township or municipality of Glanbrook
  • the City of Stoney Creek

The first three did not change their names or their territory during the time Hamilton-Wentworth existed and, therefore, continue to be found under Wentworth County for events that occurred before 2001.

It should only be used to refer to events that occurred during its life span.