Place:Evergreen Cemetery, Southgate, Campbell, Kentucky, United States

NameEvergreen Cemetery
Coordinates39.0667°N 84.4722°W
Located inSouthgate, Campbell, Kentucky, United States
Also located inCampbell, Kentucky, United States    

25 Alexandria Pike
Southgate, Kentucky 41071
Phone: (859) 441-0703


Evergreen Cemetery was established in 1850 by the Newport Cemetery Company in Southgate, Kentucky. After it opened with 17 acres, many interments from local cemeteries were reburied in Evergreen. During the Civil War, a battery (Shaler Battery) was constructed in the cemetery as part of the Union defenses of Cincinnati. Over time Evergreen Cemetery expanded, and today it comprises 250 acres.

The soldiers' lot is located in Section 25 of Evergreen Cemetery. The soldiers' lot was originally set aside in 1892 for the burial of deceased soldiers from nearby Fort Thomas. The fort was deactivated in 1947, leading the federal government to release 188 unused plots back to Evergreen Cemetery. Today, the soldiers' lot contains 138 interments. (Source: Evergreen Cemetery, US Dept. of Veterans Affairs)