Place:Confederate Cemetery, San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, United States

NameConfederate Cemetery
Coordinates29.42062°N 98.46379°W
Located inSan Antonio, Bexar, Texas, United States
Also located inBexar, Texas, United States    


This cemetery, located on East Commerce Street and the largest Confederate cemetery west of the Mississippi, is located within part of a 40-acre grant of land given to the city of San Antonio by the King of Spain. The property was later subdivided into twenty-nine separate cemeteries by city aldermen, and this one was designated as City Cemetery No. Four.

This section became known as the Confederate Cemetery after its purchase in 1885 by the Albert Sidney Johnston Camp No. 1, United Confederate Veterans. The earliest documented burial in this plot, that of Charles Hutcheson, dates to 1885 and was already in place at the time of the UCV's purchase.

Prominent Confederate veterans interred here include John Salmon "Rip" Ford, the pioneer Texas political leader and newspaper editor famous for his service as a Texas Ranger; George Wythe Baylor, a political and military leader; and Hamilton P. Bee, Confederate General and Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. There are over 900 marked burials in the Confederate Cemetery, including those of Civil War veterans, their dependents, and later generations of descendants. Some veterans of World War I and World War II also are interred here.

(Partial source: Texas Historical Marker)