Place:Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery, New Castle, Delaware, United States

NameChesed Shel Emeth Cemetery
Alt namesJewish Community Cemeterysource: Find A Grave
Coordinates39.7808°N 75.5417°W
Located inNew Castle, Delaware, United States
See alsoLombardy Cemetery, Bellefonte, New Castle, Delaware, United Statesadjoining place

Most headstones in this cemetery include Hebrew text and many show evidence of visitation in the form of stones set upon the grave. The cemetery contains several named sections, among them 'Beth Shalom'.[1]


Information about burials

Data supporting content in this section appears in a .ods-format file on Google Docs.

Surname frequency

The image at right shows the frequency of appearance among burials of the 50 most frequent surnames (out of a total of 201) represented in the cemetery based on transcription content as of 16 Dec 2011. All information was taken from Find-A-Grave to create this image and the representation of the cemetery in this resource is far from complete. This page has been placed in all 201 surname categories corresponding to the surnames encountered to date.

Gender balance

  • 45% female
  • 51% male
  • 3.3% ambiguous

Age distribution

Of the 309 interments reviewed here, 93 had insufficient information available to determine age. Of the remainder, the minimum age is 4, the maximum 104; the female median age is 79 and the mode age is 83, while the male median age is 74 and the mode age is 85.

Age BinCount


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    In the Find-a-Grave resource there are 309 interments listed as of 16 Dec 2011, which represents a fraction of the total population of the cemetery; grave photographs are available for 72 of the 309 interment records (<25%).
  • GeoHack mapping resource


  1. Google+ Photo Album item: Panoramic view of a part of the Beth Shalom section.