Place:Castles Woods (settlement), Russell, Virginia, United States

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NameCastles Woods (settlement)
Located inRussell, Virginia, United States

Castles Woods was an early settlement on the Virginia frontier. It was located near the modern community of Castlewood. The community is said to have been named after Jacob Castle, who is thought to have come to the area prior to it being opened for settlement in 1769. "Castles Run" is a local tributary of the Clinch also named for him, which runs through the area once known as Castles Woods. The focus of the community during the early settlement phase was probably Russell's Fort, (also known as Snoddy's Fort), erected in 1774 for protection against Indian attacks during Dunmore's War. Today the presence of Castle's Woods is marked only by historical markers.

Spelling variations

Spelled in several ways including Castles Woods, Cassells Woods, Castl's Woods.