Place:Burholme, West Riding of Yorkshire, England

TypeDeserted settlement
Located inWest Riding of Yorkshire, England
Also located inYorkshire, England    

Burholme, located on the eastern side of the river Hodder, was one of the original vaccaries within Bowland Forest, in the West Riding of Yorkshire. By the 15th century the vaccary had grown into a small settlement with several dwellings and a small chapel. Forest Courts were held at this place until it was moved to nearby Whitewell. The settlement had a stone well fed by a natural spring. In the 17th century Burholme "had ceased to be a hamlet and archaeological evidence suggests that some of the buildings were probably engulfed by a flash flood from the surrounding hills." In modern times Burholme has remained a royal farm as part of the estate of the Duchy of Lancaster.[1]


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