Place:Big Woods Cemetery, Edgerly, Calcasieu, Louisiana, United States

NameBig Woods Cemetery
Coordinates30.2697°N 93.5069°W
Located inEdgerly, Calcasieu, Louisiana, United States
Also located inCalcasieu, Louisiana, United States    





Located in Calcasieu Parish, Big Woods is located east of Vinton, LA on Hwy 388. Until a few years ago, there was a beautiful 150-year old one room church. The church fell victim to a fire caused by teenage vandals.

Big Woods also suffered the loss of many gravesites and trees during Hurricane Rita.

Baseball Hall of Famer Ted Lyons is buried here.


Big Woods has been listed as being one of the most haunted cemetery in the United States; however, this writer once asked the caretaker if he had seen any paranormal activity. The answer was, "definitely not."

According to the South Texas Paranormal Society, "There is a small pass that connects two graveyards: Antioch and Big Woods. There used to be a gate at the connection of these two graveyards. Now there is a sign that states, “beware of Children…or children at play” The legend is that if you see the gatekeepers shadow pass in front of the gate, this is a serious warning that you should not be passing there. Some who have passed through the crossing after the sighting of the gatekeeper have never come back. People have been chased by a truck that seemed to have no driver. Cars and trucks come from the cemeteries, drive to the woods and just disappear. It been said that Big Wood & Antioch Cemetery is one of the most haunted cemeteries in Louisiana."


Big Woods Cemetery is located east of Vinton, LA on Hwy 388. From I-10 take Vinton Exit # 8. Go north on the Gum Cove Rd to Center Street, following the curve to the right, go to the intersection of Hwy 90. Turn right (east) and go 5.6 miles to Hwy 388. From there on, there are highway signs directing the way to Big Woods.

Be sure to take plenty of mosquito spray.