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Zephaniah's birth place and date [11 March 2009]

On the 1870 census it is indicated that Zephaniah could not read or write which may have contributed to the problem of varying ages on the different census records. As to the location of birth, technically he was born in Virginia as Virginia at that time encompassed all of Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia. Kentucky was never a territory, it was part of Virginia until statehood on June 1st, 1792.

But the timeline reconstructed from the pension file of Zeph's father, Samuel, indicates the family did not move from Culpeper County, Virginia to the area that became Kentucky until 1798. Of course, even this is subject to Samuel's memory of exact dates.

According to his father's memory and his pension application, Samuel did not marry until 1782, so I believe we can discount the 1773 birthdate for Zephaniah and can compromise on about 1786 as a birthdate.

In 1850 Zeph was 65, born in VA, est date 1785
In 1860 Zeph was 73, born in KY, est date 1787
In 1870 Zeph was 97, born in VA, est date 1773
In 1880 his dau Mary Ann Jackson Coats said her father was born in KY

Residence per Tax Rolls and Census records per John McAnally:
1810 m in Shelby Co., KY
1815-1819 Franklin Co., KY
1820 Wood Twp, Clark Co., Indiana

1850 Census Wood Twp, Clark Co., Indiana
Zephaniah Jackson 65 M farmer 600 VA (1785)
Fanny Jackson 60 F VA
Jerry Jackson 18 M IA

1860 Census Wood Twp., Clark Co., Indiana
P. O: New Providence
Jerry Jackson 27 M farmer IN
Paulina Jackson 26 F IN
Laura Jackson 5 F IN
Amanda 4 F IN
James Jackson 3 M IN
Ellen Jackson 11/12 F IN
Zephaniah Jackson 73 M 800 50 KY (1787)

1870 Wood Twp, Clark Co., Indiana
P. O: New Providence
Jackson, William 55 M W farmer 12,000. 1400. KY 1815
Jackson, Susana 48 F W keeping house IN 1822
Jackson, Elizabeth 21 F W IN 1849
Jackson, Zephaniah 18 M W IN 1852
Jackson, Roland 16 M W IN 1854
Jackson, William A. 14 W IN 1856
Jackson, Joseph L. 12 M W IN 1858
Jackson, Albert H. 9 M W IN 1861
Jackson, Charles W. 8 M W IN 1862
Jackson, Edward M. S. 5 M W IN 1865
Jackson, Zephania 97 M W boarding VA (cannot read or write) 1773 prob not right --Janiejac 11:04, 11 March 2009 (EDT) Accepting the 1786 birthdate means he would have been about 84 in 1870 which agrees more with the 1860 census age of 73.

Zephaniah Jackson appears on all census from 1820-1870 with the exception of the 1840 census. Data: 1820 range 1775-1794; 1830 range 1779-1780; 1850 has 1785 VA; 1860 has 1787 KY; 1870 has 1773 VA. This amounts to 1782 +/- 12. The entire range of possible birthdates are prior to his father Samuel leaving VA in 1798 so we must conclude that Zephaniah was born in VA. --Janiejac 10:23, 18 September 2009 (EDT)