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I live across the river from Trimble County. Wise's landing was located directly across the river from Saluda. William Rowan Jackson lived at Corn Creek in Trimble County which is pretty much directly across the river from Saluda. LG&E bought the property at Corn Creek several years back and all of the graves (or probably mostly just the headstones) were moved to the IOOF cemetery in Trimble County.

It is said that William was buried in a cast iron casket with a glass top, wearing his civil war uniform. It is also rumored that William was so faithful to the confederacy that people were not permitted inside his house if they were wearing the color blue. Possibly family lore? I've also heard that when the graves were moved that the "movers" broke the glass top on William's casket.

Eliza Jackson's grave stone is also located at the IOOF cemetery. I have a list of those headstone's, which are as follows. Many are hard to read, and some are just metal markers of unknowns. I haven't been to the cemetery in a few years and I can't remember if this is a complete list. I seem to recall a few other infant stones.

John Jackson ??/23/1871 - 1873 Robert B. Jckson 1867-18?9 Arthur Jackson Sept. 14, 1866-Dec. 24, 1870 E.J.J. W.J. M.J. Eliza Jane Born of W & M Jackson Born Jan. 24, 1840, Died Jan. 29, 1857

Wm. R. Jackson 1832-1903 Margaret Jackson 1843-1908

Willis Jackson Dec. 20, 1805- Dec. 18, 1870 Mary Jackson Oct 29, 1815-Nov. 6, 1892

Infant daughter of E.G. and Ella Jackson 1903

Elizabeth Jackson 1877-1959 Tabner Jackson 1880-1958

Abner son of Elizabeth and Tabner 1910

Mother Father

Also I noticed the question of Cloudyly/Cloudsly Morningsly Jackson. This child died by the age of two. Strange name, but I've seen it twice, and again I'm having trouble recalling where exactly, possibly the family bible, and once on a census. Once the name was Cloudyly, and once Cloudsly Morningly? Morningsly?

Some photos of James Jackson, son of Willis Jackson are located on Denny Jackson's site @

Just a tidbit; My father looked up the land records on Willis's property and it was transfered to Willis from a Moreland... Ruben Jackson, possible brother to Willis, married a Lucinda Moreland.

And also, in the early 1800s Kentucky's Counties shifted many times. One family, never moving, could live in Oldham County one year and Trimble County the next.