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[24 January 2013]


There has been a great deal of confusion over two Gerrit Dorlands and their wives Merriten and Marytje, their surnames know known. Often this confusion has led to families tracing to the wrong individual. In an attempt to clarify this situation (which is expanded on in the Dorland Enigma Solved by Barbara A. Barth).


The information on The Family of Gerrit Lammertse Dorland can be found on page 165. Gerrit Dorland, eldest son of Lammert Dorland and Harmptje Pieters, poss. daughter of Jan and Elsje Pieters and married about 1694. This Gerrit did not live in Somerset County, rather they lived in Kings Co. NY. While Gerrit apparently inherited land from his father Lammert Janse, it was not until 1939 when the land was divided in a quit-claim deed between his three living sons that they family moved to Montgomery Twp., Somerset Co., NJ, near Harlingen. Along with her sons, their mother Marytje moved also. Gerret was still living 7 November 1730, the date he was a sponsor in New Utrecht for his namesake Gerrit, son of his son Jan. Possibly he was the Gerrit Lambertson listed in the 1731 census for Gravesend, but was probably deceased by 8 Oct. 1732 when he was absent from the Jamaica DRC baptism of his grandson and name sake Gerret, son of his son Gerrit. He was definitely deceased by 1739 the date of the quit-claim deed. (1) Harmptje bp 1695 Brooklyn DRC. –sp. Rem Dorland & Bennetje Dorland m. poss. to ? Van Nostrant, Kings Co, Somerset Co., NJ. (2). Jannetje b. abt 1700 - m. John Van Arsdalen, (3). Jan b. abt 1702 – m. Catharine poss. Davis, remained in Kings Co., NY. (4). Annetje bp 1704 Brooklyn DRC. sp. Jan Dorlandt, Lena Dorlandt.Simon Van Arsdalen (5). Gerrit b. abt 1707 – Hyltje Van Arsdalen (6). Abraham b. abt 1709 - Unmarried, could be a widower, no wife known. (7). Lammert b. abt 1711 – Dyna Van Liew, Engeljte poss. Post, Christina TerHuene widow Voorhees. (8). Child b. abt Dec. 1711 (9). Lena or Helena bp. 1714, Jamaica DRC. sp. Rijc Hendrickse, Harmtie Dorlandt m. Jan Van Arsdalen/Simonson. Judy--henk 05:19, 24 January 2013 (EST)