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origins [28 March 2015]

Basically nothing is known about George. Everything I see can be derived from signing on for a voyage hunting seals and whales at age 18. If he was a regular sailor, the port of departure could be no type of indication of where he was from, rather it was just the next job in a sequence of sailing voyages. The use of two given names, as opposed to using the mother's maiden name as a middle name, almost suggests an English origin, and searching for records of specifically George William Robinson, the only one I find is actually from England: here. Not saying this is him, merely suggesting the problem is harder than made to appear. --Jrich 17:24, 27 March 2015 (UTC)

That George was born in Massachusetts USA is supported by: 11 March 1828 - George applied for a grant of land. In his submission he indicated that he was "born in State of Massachusetts, America in 1800". On 13 October 1824 - George applied for a grant of land and indicated that he was "brought up in a part of America where Tobacco is the chief Produce".

While these are not proof, it seems to indicate that he was born in USA. I am not sure where the evidence of the town comes from - I was given it by other researchers but perhaps it should be removed. I have read that there was a well-known Robinson family from the area, but I have also read that there is no proof that George was from that family.--Shaz1 02:37, 28 March 2015 (UTC)