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Edward Winslow, son of Kenelm Winslow, moved north to Droitwich where he entered the business of extracting and selling the famous Droitwich salt. Salt at that time was essential for preserving meat and in treating the by-products of sheep.

an LDS record shows this Edward's mother as "Katherine" born 1532 in ?, died 1607 in England... Citations given for data on that record:
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??? ==>> (Edward WINSLOW and Susanna (widow of William WHITE) ??? ==>> was the first marriage in Plymouth, 12 May, 1621.) "MAYFLOWER FAMILIES THRU FIVE GENERATIONS: VOL. II" edited by Robert M. Sherman,

    pub. by General Society of Mayflower Descendants. 1978 pp. 6-10, 13, 16, 40, 41, 43, 95-97, 121

VOL I - edited by Lucy Mary Kellogg. pp. 49, 51, 95, 99, 102.

NOTE: If we are indeed not confusing two Edward WINSLOW's here, these notes change his mother form Elizabeth FOLIOTT to Katherine ???, and give him a third wife, Susanna ???-WHITE.

Yes, there is a 2nd Edward Winslow who sailed on the Mayflower and married Susanna White; he was this man's son--Daniel Maxwell 18:45, 30 May 2014 (UTC)