Person talk:Benjamin Borden (1)

Reversion [30 December 2007]

I now realize that some of the material I added to this article contained a number of confusions. I believe that happened because I was unfamiliar with the WeRelate system, and ended up combining information inadevertently from different Benjamin Bordens. I've restored the article to its original state.

I have articles on the Bordens beig constructed including:

Person:Richard Borden (4) (c1695-1671) = Jeane Fowle

Person:Benjamin Borden (4) (1647-1728) =Abigail Borden

Person:Benjamin Borden (3) (1675-1743) = Zeruiah Winter

Hoping that this reduces the confusion rather than adding to it.--Bill 09:09, 30 December 2007 (EST)