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Del Jones [8 August 2015]


You inidicated you were looking at Del Jones...any clues?

I did see his name (not sure if same one) referenced in an Iowa newspaper (same newspaper as Stehpen Jones' obit).

Emmetsburg Democrat Wednesday, June 21, 1911, Emmetsburg, Iowa Page 6 Adelbert Jones of Denison, on a visit home from the Klondike, reported he had struck several rich gold claims in the bed of a river.

Any chance he could have been up in Canada or Alaska? I know I saw an article (again same newspaper) about a Mrs. Adelbert Jones also...traveling to France...again not sure if correct person or not.--Metro09 20:20, 8 August 2015 (UTC)

It's really hard to say if that is him. Denison is a fair bit south of where the family had lived, and by that time they were all gone. Plus, if he had struck gold, I imagine somebody -- his father at least -- would have had a hand out trying to get some of it. Still, you never know.

As for any clues, not really. His mother was dead, his father had basically abandoned the family (except for trying to get money periodically), and he doesn't seem to have followed his brothers and sisters to North Dakota, so if he stayed with any family, he might have gone to Minnesota with his wife's family. I never found him there, but I was looking before census records were on-line. I did find a newspaper article from when newspaper archive was just starting and was free, but never followed up on it: 7 August 2006
"The Freeborn County Standard” Wednesday, 22 July 1896 (Albert Lea, Minnesota)
An article about Del Jones abducted a young girl who was then released and the wagons left so that Jones was not caught.

Like the Klondike gold mines, it's one of those "who knows" things. The only other thing I've found that is, again, a "who knows" is a 1920 Census entry in Wyoming:

1920 US Census, Wyoming, Goshen, Goshen Precinct, ED 30
Farm, HH 21, Fam 21,
Jones, Dell, head, rents, white male, age 58, widowed, able to read and write English, b. Wisconsin, both parents b. US, able to speak English, farmer, own farm, self-employed, Farm Sched. 19

From what I have learned along the way, I guess if I was really going to search for him, I'd start with his wife's family, and do more than just get census records for them, see if any clues showed up there. But I've got way too many projects sitting on back burners as it is. The alternative is that he might actually have followed his father, since there are a few holes in the information about George, particularly in how he got from Iowa to Nebraska and then to South Dakota.

Sorry I can't help more on this one. --GayelKnott 22:08, 8 August 2015 (UTC)

What happen to wife Mary? [13 September 2015]

If Dell remarried in 1899, what happened to his first wife Mary? In 1900 her mother said she had 8 children living. Seven of them can be identified; the 8th may be Mary Gress Jones, but that needs to be proven.--GayelKnott 04:43, 23 August 2015 (UTC)

I guess to add more confusion:

From the Emmetsburg Democrat, Febrary 19, 1913, page 6.

Mr. Dell Jones and Miss Mary Gress were married Monday. (17 Feb 1913).

Coincidence? Possibly re-marriage? Or are both names that common?--DeanT 14:29, 23 August 2015 (UTC)

Looks good to me. I'd guess a re-marriage. I'll order the marriage record films (they don't seem to have been indexed for this period yet). What we really need are court records, but they don't seem to have been filmed, and there's no way I'm going to Iowa to check them out. Those days are over. Thanks for all this. Gayel --GayelKnott 17:22, 23 August 2015 (UTC)

Got the film. There is no marriage for Dell and Mary in 1913. I can access NewspaperArchive from the Family History Centre, so went back and looked for the article, wondering if maybe it was reported in news from a neighbouring town, or something. Took me a while to find it on the page, but it was in an article titled "News of Twenty Years Ago". So that answers that. But I did do some more looking and got Mary's obituary, so it looks like poor Dell just had bad luck with wives dying on him. --GayelKnott 15:27, 13 September 2015 (UTC)

Well it looks like the re-marriage is out now that you found Mary's obituary in 1895. Great find.

Goshen, Wyoming [13 September 2015]

I'm going with the 1920 census and two newspaper articles for Goshen County, WY, although they are not "written in stone" that this is the right Dell Jones. But I haven't fond him anywhere else, and looking through the newspapers articles, it appears that several people from the general area of Iowa where Dell lived moved to Goshen County. I suppose if one really wanted to, one could try to track down the other people in the Notice for Publication, but that's more work than I want to do. Wyoming Archives is apparently putting Death records on-line, but so far have only gotten ones with last names beginning A-E done. Gayel --GayelKnott 17:11, 13 September 2015 (UTC)