Person:Zachary Maloney (1)

Zachary Taylor Maloney
b.8 Mar 1891
m. Nov 1877
  1. Malinda C. Maloney1879 -
  2. Katherine Maloney1880 - 1960
  3. Mary Maloney1882 - 1918
  4. Millard Fillmore Maloney1883 - Cal 1969
  5. Joseph Maloney1884 - 1966
  6. Zachary Taylor Maloney1891 - 1968
  7. Kelly Maloney1896 - 1907
  • HZachary Taylor Maloney1891 - 1968
  • WMolly Lovely1891 - 1974
m. 3 Nov 1909
  1. Hazel Maloney1911 - 1989
  2. Nimmie L. Maloney1912 - 1981
  3. Harold Mae Maloney1918 - 1975
  4. Agnes M. Maloney1920 - 1995
Facts and Events
Name Zachary Taylor Maloney
Gender Male
Birth? 8 Mar 1891
Marriage 3 Nov 1909 Jackson, Breathitt Co., KYto Molly Lovely
Death? 4 May 1968 Orlando, Orange Co., FL

Zachary Taylor Maloney s/o McDonaldson Maloney and Sabrina Bryant married Mollie Lovely d/o William Wellington Lovely and Mary Alice Joseph on 3rd November 1909 in Jackson, Breathitt Co., Ky.McDonaldson & Briney must have liked presidents names for they named two of their children after presidents. Zachary Taylor was my grandfather. Taylor must not have liked that he was named Zachary Taylor for he kept this information well hidden. It was when I corresponded with Georgia, Taylor's half sister who corrected this misunderstanding. But unlike the succession of Millard Fillmore to the presidency after Zachary Taylor's death, Millard Fillmore Maloney preceded his brother Zachary Taylor by 11 years. I thought it might be interesting to know a little about Zachary Taylor, the president.

Zachary Taylor was 12th president of the United. He had been a career military officer 1808-1848 rising from first lieutenant to major general. He was an army recruiter in Kentucky in 1808. His family lived in Louisville, Kentucky where they owned more than 10,000 acres of land in various parts of Kentucky. Zachary Taylor died July 9, 1850 after serving a little more than 1 year in office. He died of cholera morbus, a gastrointestinal upset common in Washington, where poor sanitation made it riskey to eat any raw fruit or fresh dairy product. He was succeeded in office by Millard Fillmore. "Complete Book of US Presidents" William A. Degregorio

Mollie & Taylor had one daughter born to them while in Jackson. Hazel was born 2 March, 1911. They moved to West Virginia where Taylor became superintendent of Windingulf, Coal Company. He was a member of the West Virginia Coal Mining Association. By 1912 the family was living in West Virginia. 5 children were born during the years 1912 - 1926. Nimmie was born 11 Dec. 1912, Harold Mae 7 April, 1918, Agnes 12 July, 1920, Taylor Hershel, 17 December 1922, and Virginia 28 February, 1926. They then moved to Colorado and Taylor mined coal in Walsenburg, Colorado from 1926 through 1931. Syvila Audrey was born in Walsenburg 14 August, 1927.

I can only guess as to why Taylor gave up mining, but according to the Encyclopedia Britanica, 1,148 men died from mine explosions in 1907. The first four decades of the 20th century mining had disturbing low standards of safety which varied from state to state.

The family now consisting of 7 children moved to Churbusco, Indiana where Taylor took up farming in 1932. He may have moved there because his father had lived there until his death. McKinley died in Allen County, Indiana 30 November,1926. Two more children were born in Churubusco, Indiana. Joan was born 25 October 1932 and Paul was born 25 Feb. 1938.. 1938 is when the family moved to Cambridge City, Wayne, Indiana where Taylor owned Maloney's grocery store. The tenth child, Dale was born 12 October, 1940. From 1940 - 1954 the family lived in Cambridge City, Indiana. Six of the children married in Wayne County, Indiana. Harold and Taylor both joined the army during World War II.

Zachary Taylor belonged to the IOOF Lodge, & Moose Lodge. He retired from the grocery business where he had been a member of the retail merchants association. Mollie and Taylor lived in Orlando, Orange, Florida where he was a crossing guard for the city of Orlando for three years. Taylor died 4 May, 1968 in Orlando, Orange, Florida. Mollie died 24 August, 1974 Orlando, Orange, Florida.

McDonaldson Maloney

McDonaldson Maloney s/oMcKinley Maloney and Malinda Landsaw was born 13 April, 1857 in Estill County, Ky. He married Sabrina Bryant who was born January, 1856 in Breathitt County, Ky. She was the d/of Willim Evan Bryant and Elizabeth King. McDonaldson and Sabrina were married in November, 1877 in Wolfe County, Ky. The 1880 census shows a Malinda C.. age 1. It is unclear as to whether this is Malinda C. who went by the name of Catherine or if this is a child that died in infancy. Sabrina and McDonaldson had 6 other children. Mary Maloney was born about 1882 in Jackson, Breathitt, Ky., Millard Fillmore, born February,1883, Joseph born 9 October, 1884 and Zachary Taylor born 8 March, 1891 and Kelly who was born in 1896. Kelly died about 1907 in Breathitt Co.,Ky. Sabrina died 13 Nov. 1903 in Breathitt Co, Kentucky. According to Lillian Whisman Maloney, she died of breast cancer. Lillian Maloney researched many individuals who had the Maloney surname in and around Breathitt County, Kentucky. She supplied much of the genealogy that had been gathered on the family.

McDonaldson remarried a young girl, Millicent Birchum in 1904. She was 21 years old and he was 48. McDonaldson and Milli had 5 children. Georgia was born 2 December, 1906 in Breathitt County, Kentucky. Bessie was born 20 December, 1908 and Nancy Jane 28 September, 1913 in Sasafras, Kentucky. It is questionable as to when Donald and Maxine Ellen were born. McDonaldson was listed as a timberman when he married Milli. He was also known to be a preacher. McDonaldson died 30 November, 1926 in Allen County, Indiana.

I really struggled to find any information on the Maloney family. My dad had given me Aunt Georgia's name and Aunt Hazel supplied the address. I wrote to Georgia a time or two in the late 70's when I was living in Ohio. Several years later I had moved to Colorado and one Sunday evening I decided to call aunt Georgia. A desire to get to my family roots prompted me to call her, even though I had not heard from her in years. I did not know about any of Georgia's children since all of our correspondence had been about ancestors. Vivian Wood answered the phone and identified herself as Georgia's daughter. She explained that her mother was on oxygen and was unable to speak. She said that her mother had been in a nursing home for 18 months. Georgia decided that she wanted to have her home phone put in her room, for fear that she might be missing important calls. She had just had the number changed that weekend. I probably never would have made a connection with Vivian - another helpful source of information if I had not acted on my impression. Georgia died 2 weeks later. I was unaware of McDonaldson's second family and so Vivian supplied the names I needed.

Elizabeth King's father was Moses King. Moses King was born in 1792 in Franklin County, Virginia. He married Mary Alice "Polly" Pugh November 15, 1810 in Franklin County, Virginia. While living in Virginia, Moses volunteered for the war of 1812. He joined Captain Quillan Maggard's Fifth Regiment under the command of Colonel Francis Preston, around March 16, 1812 in Rocky Mt., Virginia. It was 18 months before he was called to active duty. He wa honorably discharged in Norfolk, Virginia the end of March, 1814. For his servies to his country, he received a Land Bounty of 80 acres in 1855 on Bloody Creek in Wolfe County, Kentucky. Moses lived in Franklin County, Virginia where 4 of his children were born. He came to Clay County, Kentucky in 1820. Moses died 22 December 1871 at Bloody Creek, Wolfe County, Kentucky. Quoted from Damn Downses Genealogy on Worldconnect Project on Rootsweb.

McKinley Maloney

McKinley was the s/o John Maloney and Susannah Crawford. McKinley was born about 1816 in Estill County, Kentucky. He married Malinda Landsaw d/o William Landsaw and Elizabeth Murphy. Malinda and McKinley were married 22 September, 1836 in Morgan County, Kentucky. McKinley is listed in the 1850 Breathitt County Census as a farmer. He and Malinda had 12 children. McDonaldson was their 10th child. I am greatful to Vivian Woods, d/o Georgia Maloney who sent me a copy of McKinley's family bible that revealed some of his children.

Elizabeth's Murphy's was the d/o John Murphy and Nancy Ransome. John Murphy was the son of an Irish Inn Keeper in Dublin Ireland. He stowed away on a ship going to America in 1744. The ship landed in America at Norfolk, Virginia though one old oral legend has him landing at New York City, New York. He indentured himself for an unknown period of time. John is listed in Book #44 of DAR Patriots as John Murphy b. 1730, died 13 June, 1834. He is also mentioned in Anderson C. Quisenberry's book "Revolutionary Soldiers in Kentucky" pg. 13. He fought in 1778 and 1779 and for his service he recieved 100 acres in Morgan Co., Kentucky. Land Office Military Certificate 88-124. John lived in Greenbriar, Virginia about 1800, but by 1810 he was living in Murphy's Fork, Floyd County, Kentucky. Quoted from John Murphy Family Tree- World Connect Project Rootsweb

John Maloney

John Maloney s/o William Maloney was born about 1770 but it is uncertain as to where. He may have been born in North Carolina, which is where it is suspected that he married Susannah Crawford about 1789. John appears in the 1790 census in Burke Co., North Carolina. By 1800 he was in Madison County, Kentucky and 1810 in Estill County, Kentucky. John's first son was William and in many instances the first son born was usually named after his grandfather. We learn from the tax records that John owned a 1,000 acres of land. It is interesting how the acreage grew as this story was handed down in the family. My dad, remembered it being 15,000. Nevertheless the records reveal only 1,000 which is still a substantial amount. John had some unual names for his sons, Ballinger, Jameson, and McKinley besides William and John. John died 17 August, 1839 at age 67 in Estill County, Kentucky. Susannah lived with her son, John, and appears in the 1850 Breathitt County census listed with his household. She lists her age as 79 and born in Virginia. It is estimated that Susannah died abt 1852. The line for the Maloney's grows cold after John. It is surprising that as I talked to many family members about the Maloney's all claimed their grandfather came from Ireland. This reveals strong enthusiasm to be connected to their native heritage. Oh, if they had only kept better records it would be easier to establish that connection. One thing is clear, that the Maloney name is Irish and the two resources we have listed below reveal that the oldest record where Maloney appears is in County Clare, Ireland. With all the new technology and the continuing interest in Genealogy and the records that are available to research we might be able to make that connection in Ireland.

Sharon Ogzewalla February, 2001