Person:William Ussery (6)

  1. William Ussery1692 - 1772
  2. Annice Ussery1693 - 1762
  3. Richard Ussery1694 - 1759
  4. John Ussery, Sr.Abt 1729 - 1804
  5. Sarah Ussery1738 - 1784
m. abt. 1725
  1. William Ussery1725 - 1787
  2. John UsseryAbt 1729 - 1814
  3. Welcome Ussery1733 -
  4. Thomas Ussery, Esq.1740 - 1811
Facts and Events
Name William Ussery
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1692 Lunenburg County, Virginia
Marriage abt. 1725 to Minerva Judith Mayes
Death[1] 1772 Orange County, North Carolina

Land Records

From Lunenburg County, VA Records:

  • LAND GRANTS Vol 31 page 45, 3 July 1752: For a consideration of 25 shillings, to William Ussery 239 acres in Lunenburg on the branches of Ward's Fork, joining Sidderdale's line.
  • Lunenburg Co. VADeed 6 Feb 1753 to James Blackwell from Wm. & Judith, Elizabeth Callyhan, Sarah Callyhan and Mary Ussery, for 368.5 acres on both sides of South Fork of Crooked Run Creek-
  • Lunenburg Co. Va- April 2, 1754-D.B. 3/459: Judith Ussery and William Ussery to John Blackwell.
  • Lunenburg- Deed 8-82 May 10, 1764: William Ussery and wife Judith of Orange Province, North Carolina, for 100 pounds sell to John Hightower 325 acres of land on Crooked Run Creek, near Mrs. Agness Mays. (Was Agness Mays related to Minerva Judith Mays?)
  • Lunenburg- Deed Book 8 pg 82 Lunenburg Co VA May 10 1764 William Ussery and wife Judith of Orange County, North Carolina- deed to John Hightower for L100 land in Lunenburg Co., VA
  • Lunenburg- Deed 10-194, July 11, 1765: To John Ussery from William and Judith Ussery for 184.5 acres on the north side of Crooked Run Creek for 50 pounds.
  • Lunenburg Co. VA 1746-1800; Aug 8 1765 William Ussery to Athenatious Elmore, D.B. 10/201
  • Lunenburg-Deed Book 12, pg 13, 12 June 1770- Indenture between John Ussery of Lunenburg, Athenatious Elmore of the Co., of Mecklenburg and William Ussery of Orange Co., NC, and William Meriday of Lunenburg. They sell to Meriday for 2600 pounds, 300acres. The land described as bounded by Crooked Run, Buzzard Branch, Musick's line, long John Elmore's line to Repps(?) line to Peter Smith's line.
  • Deed Book 12 pg 13 May 9 1771 John Ussery of Lunenburg, and William Ussery of Orange County, North Carolina deed to William Meredy- 300 acres Lunenburg County, VA
  • Lunenburg- Deed 12 page 13, 9 May 1771: John Ussery of Lunenburg and William Usserey of Orange, North arolina for 250 pounds sell 300 acres of land at the mouth of Buzzard's Branch, to William Meridy of Lunenburg

Records in North Carolina:

  • Anson County, N.C. land grants: John Ussery 23 Sept 1766, No. 0209 on Peedee and Little River. William Ussery 23 Sept 1769 No. 2576 Buffalo and Cheek's Creek
  • Anson County, NC:Deed H #1 p 26 Apr 7 1767, Thomas Randel to William Ussery - 100 acres cross road of PeeDee and Cape Fear Rivers. Wt: Wm. Mask, Solomon Gross, Wm. Shepherd. Proved Court April 1767.
  • William Ussery - Received Land Grant No. 47 on May 4, 1769
  • William Ussery - Received Land Grant No. 2576 Sept. 23, 1769
  • Patent #47 May 4, 1769: THE FIRST IS A TRACT OF LAND THAT WAS GRANTED UNTIL WILLIAM USSERY SEN., BY HIS MAJESTY'S LATTER PATON BARING DATE MAY 4, 1769 and since has fell to the said William Ussery as heir at law and begining at a hickray and runs thence south 22 chains 36 links thence Et 44 chains and 73 links thence N 22 chains and 36 links thence W 44 chains and 73 links to the Beginning for one hundred acours of land.
  • Patent #2576 Sept. 23, 1769: THE SECOND TRACT was granted to William Ussery desct by his Majesteys later pattion baring date sence the above date [pat. # 2576 Sept. 23, 1769] and absended to the said William Ussery as heir at law Beginning on Charles Robertsons second corner and turns thence south 22 chains and ? (could be 91) links thence No 84 Et 74 chains and 10 links thence No 40 Wt 27 chains and 65 links thence south 84 Wt 56 chains and 52 links to the beginning containing 150 acours situated laying and being as aforsaid to have and to hold the Sd two tracts of land together .....

Records in Virginia

Records in Lunenburg County, VA: (unless otherwise listed)

  • Order Book 2 page 247, Nov 1749 Court, William Ussery granted 3 young d on 27 April by William Caldwell, 210. Ordered recorded.
  • Order Book 2 page 467; October 1751. On motion of William Ussery, certificate is granted him for obtaining Letters of Administration on the Estate of John Ussery, deceased. He gave bond, with John Tabor and John Blackwell for sureties.
  • Order Book 3, page 157, July 1754: William Ussery, plaintiff: Mathew Tanner, defendant. The defendant did not appear, and it was ordered that the plaintiff recover 30-12-2
  • Order Book 4, page 8 October 1755: William Ussery having obtained an attachment against the estate of John Thomas, the Sheriff is ordered to make a public sale of Thomas' effects.
  • Order Book 4, page 180, August 1756: An agreement between William Ussery and Judith his wife, and John Ussery, is recorded. (Subject of the agreement is not known)
  • Order Book 6, page 10, June 1759: William Ussery vs. Mathew Turner, suit dismissed.
  • Court Order Book 7, page 179, 1761: A jury report: "We present William Ussery for swearing two oaths."
  • Order Book 8, page 72, July 1762: William Ussery, plaintiff: vs Thomas Swint, defendant. The defendant not appearing, judgment ordered for the plaintiff by default.
  • Court Order Book 8, pg 78. Aug 3, 1762 Indenture, William Ussery to Robert Moore
  • Lunenburg Co., VA Order Book 9, page 137, July 1763: On the motion of William Ussery, a witness for Robert Swirett at the suit of Danies Hayes, it is ordered that Swirett pay William Ussery for four days attendance, coming and returning forty miles from Carolina. (Note: This is the first indication that William Ussery was living in North Carolina, just a few miles across the border, probably in Orange County, NC)
  • Orange Co. NC pg 87 Court of August 1763: William Ussery granted a license to keep a tavern at his dwelling. Bond: John Tabor and Benjamin Long. (Note: William Ussery was likely getting ready to move to Orange County, North Carolina)
  • Lunenburg- Order Book 9, page 276 Nov 1763: William Ussery vs. Thomas Tanks. The plaintiff is in default and it is ordered that the defendant recover 4 shillings less his costs.
  • Lunenburg-Order book 9, page 345, Nov 1763: On the motion of William Ussery, a witness for Isaac Brown in a suit by James Blackwell, it is ordered that Brown pay Ussery for 13 days attendance and 8 times come and returning 40 miles
  • Order Book 10-120, July 1764: Ordered that William Ussery, a witness for Isaac Brown, be paid for two days attendance and coming and returning 40 miles.
  • Lunenburg- Order Book 10, page 180, October 1764: William Ussery vs Sherwood Buss, dismissed
  • Lunenburg- Order Book 11, page 82 July 1765: Indenture agreement between William and Sarah Ussery, and John Ussery, recorded
  • Lunenburg- Court Order Book 11, page 66, 1765: William Ussery to John Ussery, indenture.
  • Order Book 11, page 82 July 11 1765: Indenture from William and Judith Ussery of Orange County, North Carolina to John Ussery
  • Lunenburg- Order, Book 11, page 39, Sept 1765 William Ussery vs James East; dismissed
  • Lunenburg- Order Book 13, page 51, 1770 JOHN USSERY and Mary his wife, Athenatious Elmore and Sarah his wife, William Ussery and Judith his wife, came into court and agreed that they were willing to acknowledge a deed for the conveyance of land to William Meredith, which the said Meredith refused should be conveyed to him, which was ordered to be certified and the said deed to be lodged in the Clerk's office.
  • COLONIAL RECORDS OF N.C. Vol 8 pg 400 Jan 4 1771: "The House being informed that Simon Bright, Sargeant at Arms to this House, was insulted and obstructed in the execution of his office by William Ussery of Orange County- said Ussery is to be brought before the Bar of this House. Resolved, that the Speaker issue his warrant for apprehension of the said William Ussery, and that he be brought to the bar of the House to answer the said charge: and that the Sgt. at Arms take with him such assistance (not exceeding five men) as shall be found necessary for affecting the same.
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