Person:William Snodgrass (5)

William Snodgrass, Sr.
d.Bef 20 Jul 1830 Washington County, Virginia
m. Abt 1765
  1. Joseph "Blackhaired" Snodgrass1766 - Bef 1829
  2. William Snodgrass, Sr.1766 - Bef 1830
  3. David Snodgrass1772 -
  4. Eleanor SnodgrassAbt 1774 -
  5. Mary SnodgrassAbt 1774 -
  6. Matthew Snodgrass1776 -
  7. Elizabeth Snodgrass1778 -
  8. John SnodgrassAbt 1780 -
  • HWilliam Snodgrass, Sr.1766 - Bef 1830
  • WSarah LongBef 1769 -
m. 22 Aug 1786
  1. James D. SnodgrassAbt 1790 - Aft 1840
  2. Anne Long Snodgrass1792 - Aft 1856
  3. Mary "Polly" SnodgrassBef 1803 -
Facts and Events
Name William Snodgrass, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 15 Sep 1766 Glade Spring, Washington County, Virginia
Marriage 22 Aug 1786 Washington County, Virginiato Sarah Long
Death[1] Bef 20 Jul 1830 Washington County, Virginia

Will of William Snodgrass

Will of William Snodgrass Sr., Washington Co. VA Will Book 6, pg. 135-137
I William Snodgrass of Washington County and state of Virginia being now advanced to that period of life in common allotted to man, and being weak in body, but of sound mind and disposing memory (for which I thank god) and being desirous to dispose of such worldly estate as it has pleased God to bless me with do hereby make, publish and declare this to be my last will and Testament, hereby revoking and making void all others heretofore by me made.
1st I direct that all of my just debts and funeral charges be paid, and after such payment is made, I give to my wife, the one third of my real estate (or the one third of the net proceeds arising therefrom) during her natural life. Also I give her the sole use, benefit, and control of my negro boy Campbell, during her natural life, also, I give her her sorrel mare, saddle and bridle, my ball horse, her case of drawers, cupboard with the one half of what it contains, the two thirds of all my beds, bedsteds and furniture, the two thirds of my kitchen furniture, three milk cows, the one half of my flock of sheep and one hundred dollars in cash, all of which, so far as relates to personal estate, I leave at her disposal at her decease.
2ndly I direct that my son JAMES D. shall have the privilege of living on the piece of land where he now lives, for the term of five years from my decease with the liberty of clearing on the east and west sides of the field adjoining his house: but none on the south side, unless my executors give liberty. This lease shall not be transferable to any other person whatever. Also my desire is that within one year after my decease, a horse of the value of fifty dollars, in trade, be paid to his son JOHN. And to his two sons ALEXANDER and FRANCIS, and to his daughter REBECCA, each a young heifer not exceeding two years old, out of my stock of cattle. My son JAMES D. shall also have the cordings and other fixing belonging to coverlid weaving except the loom and reeds.
3rdly My will is that my daughter REBECCA shall have my dun horse with her saddle and bridle, her bureau, spinning wheel, one third of all my beds, bedsteds and furniture, one half of my cupboard and one third of my kitchen furniture, my coverlid loom and all tackling belonging to plain weaving, three head of milk cattle, the one half of my flock of sheep, and sixty dollars in cash, and she shall also have her living and pature and keeping for her horse as long as she remains in the family.
4thly My will is that my three sons JOSEPH, FRANCIS, and ALEXANDER hold for them and their heirs equal shares in what land I possess: which shall nevertheless be subject to the maintenance and comfortable support of my son DAVID, and which no conveyance shall disanull or make void, neither shall any of my three sons sell or convey his interest in the land to any person during the lifetime of my son DAVID, unless they shall first give such security to my Executors as they shall approve, for his comfortable maintainance, to the amount of the value of the part so conveyed. Excepting however that one sell to the other which they may do at any time they see proper. I also give my three sons before named, equal shares in all my farming utensils, my still and still vessels, tools of every kind including my new waggon, gears and c. also each of my four sons now at home to have the horse he already claims, and JOSEPH and FRANCIS to have the grey yearling colt jointly between them. And to my son ALEXANDER I give my negro boy named Campbell, at his mother's decease, provided he pay within four years from the time the said negro boy becomes his property, the sum of two hundred dollars in the following manner, to wit, to my son WILLIAM within one year after his mother's decease, sixty dollars in cash. And to my son FRANCIS within two years after the decease of his mother forty dollars one half in cash and the other half in trade or good property. And to JOSEPH forty dollars one half in cash and the other half in good property within three years. And the remaining sixty dollars to be paid within four years from the period above mentioned, one half to my son THOMAS and the other half to my daughter REBECCA one half to each in cash and the other half in good property, provided however that if the said negro boy should by accident, decease or infirmity become disabled, then, and in that case it is my will that he ALEXANDER shall be exonerated from the payments aforesaid: but he shall be liable for his maintainance and support and shall also learn him to read. And it is also my desire that if said negro boy should become disabled at an time within the four years above mentioned, that any payment ALEX'R may have made, may be refunded to him. And further it is my will and desire that if any of my four sons now at home should decease without lawful issue before any sale or conveyance of his part of the land take place; that his share be equally divided among the remaining three, after giving to my son WILLIAM one fifth part, and so on should more of them decease.
5thly I desire that whatever remains due of the principal of Wm. D. Jones' note to me, be equally divided between my son WILLIAM and WM. D. JONES without interest on any part of it. Also I give to my son WILLIAM my silver watch in addition to other devises.
6thly my will is that my three sons JOSEPH, FRANCIS, and ALEXANDER fulfill the requirements of the Indenture of the negro girl and negro boy bound to me by the overseers of the poor.
7thly I give to my daughter POLLY STEWART twenty five dollars
8thly I desire that all debts to collect, or property not particularly specified, or whatever remains undevised of my estate, shall be at the disposal of my wife excepting the horse devised to my grandson JOHN SNODGRASS, which I require her to pay.
9thly all of my estate may be appraised, but no sale, except my executors with the consent of my wife think best to sell part. And as my estate is in no way involved, I humby pray the court to require no more security than the net amount of the estate. And lastly, I do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my son THOMAS and SAMUEL M. SNODGRASS executors of this my last will and testament making void all others by me heretofore made, as before mentioned. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 11th day of May in the year of our Lord 1830.
[Signed] William Snodgrass Sen'r.
Witnesses: Parker Smith, Benjamin Glenn and Sam'l Moore
Proved in court 20 Jul 1830. Samuel M. Snodgrass the surviving executor therein named appeared in court and refused the executorship. And at a court held for said county the 17th day of August 1830 it appearing to the court that the widow of Wm. Snodgrass dec'd hath relinquished her right to administration on his estate: on the motion of Samuel M. Snodgrass and Benjamin Glenn who took the oath of an administrator with the will annexed prescribed by law and entered into and acknowledged their bond in the sum of Two thousand dollars with Samuel Mooreand Benjamin Snodgrass their securities conditioned as the law directs. A certificate is therefore granted them for the administration of the estate of William Snodgrass Sen'r deceased with the will annexed in due form.
At August 21 1830, per Will Book 9, pg. 276-77 William Snodgrass' estate was appraised by the court from a list made by the administrators. The inventory included livestock, farming equipment, riding gear, household effects, metal castings.
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