Person:William Skillern (3)

William Skillern
b.14 APR 1764 Virginia
m. 12 APR 1763
  1. William Skillern1764 - BEF 1830
  2. George Skillern1766 -
  3. Elizabeth Skillern1768 -
  4. John Anderson Skillern1770 - 1846
  5. Rebecca Skillern1773 -
  6. James Alexander Skillern1777 - BEF 1826
  7. Anderson Skillern1780 -
  8. Anna Skillern1783 -
  9. Isaac Skillern1787 -
  10. Margaret Skillern1791 -
  • HWilliam Skillern1764 - BEF 1830
  • WNancy Alcorn1770 - 1857
m. 8 JAN 1787
  1. James Skillern1787 - 1850
  2. Mary Ann Skillern1790 - BET 1851 AND 1854
  3. Jane SkillernABT 1793 - BEF 1857
  4. William L. SkillernABT 1795 -
  5. Elizabeth SkillernABT 1796 -
  6. Margaret Skillern1798 -
  7. Radford Berry Skillern1801 -
  8. George A. SkillernABT 1803 - BEF 1840
  9. Isaac C. Skillern1805 - 1854
  10. Zippora B. Skillern1807 - AFT 1880
Facts and Events
Name William Skillern
Gender Male
Birth[1] 14 APR 1764 Virginia
Marriage 8 JAN 1787 Madison County, Kentuckyto Nancy Alcorn
Death? BEF 1830 Bledsoe County, Tennessee

The Kentucky Connection William Skillern married Nancy Alcorn in Madison County, Kentucky, on 8 January 1787. The marriage bond reads:

Know all men by these presents that we William Skilleran and John Alcorn are held and firmly bound unto Edm'd Randolph, Esq. Governor of this Commonwealth in the sum of fifty pounds to which the same shall well and truly to be made we bind ourselves our heirs Exors and Admors firmly by these presents sealed and dated this 6th day of January 1787. The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas a marriage shortly intended to be had and solomnized between the above bound William Skilleran and nancy Alcorn both of this county. If there be no lawful cause to obstruct the same then this obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full force power and virtue. Sealed and delivered in the presence of /s/ William Skilleran (SEAL) John Alcorn (SEAL)

This William Skillern, the third, is on Kentucky tax lists in 1789 (Madison County), 1800 (Garrard County), and 1810 (Warren County). From Kentucky he went to Bledsoe County, TN where he and his brother James, my third great grandfather, signed for settlement of the estate of their father William, II, of Scott County, Virginia, on 7 May 1817. This is the last record we have of William, III, but James continues to appear until his death sometime before the land record of Bledsoe County, TN dated 16 November 1826 mentions land "on which James Skillern deceased lately lived." Kentucky Land Grant Records Vol. 28, Original Survey Number 7059 - original Book 8, Page 461, shows a 192 acre grant on Givens Run surveyed 30 June 1786 in Lincoln County to William Skillern for Military Service. This is undoubtedly for William Skillern, II, but it is not known whether he ever went to Kentucky. [William's brother George also appears in the land grant records for Kentucky].

Husband: William SKILLERN, III
Born: 14 Apr 1764 at: Virginia

Married: 8 Jan 1787 at: Kentucky (Madison County)

  Died: BEF. 1830        at: Tennessee (Bledsoe County)  
Father:William SKILLERN, JR.
Mother:Mary ANDERSON
       Other Spouses: 

Wife: Nancy ALCORN
Born: 1770 at: Virginia (Montgomery County)
  Died: 1857             at: Nacogdoches, Texas (Nacogdoches Count
Father:James ALCORN
Mother:Jane MILLS
       Other Spouses: 

Name: James SKILLERN
  Born: 1787             at: Kentucky  

Married: at:

  Died: May 1850         at: ?  


Name: Mary Ann SKILLERN
  Born: 1790             at: Kentucky  

Married: 22 Feb 1806 at: Kentucky (Garrard County)

  Died: BET. 1851 - 1854 at:   

Spouses: Enoch HARRIS

  Born: ABT. 1793        at: Kentucky  

Married: at: ?

  Died: BEF. 1857        at:   

Spouses: HARRIS

Name: William L. SKILLERN
  Born: ABT. 1795        at: Kentucky  

Married: 7 May 1823 at: Kentucky (Warren County)

  Died: 1844             at: Morgantown, Kentucky (Butler County)  

Spouses: Harriet R. ADAMS NOTES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Elizabeth SKILLERN

  Born: ABT. 1796        at: Kentucky  

Married: at: ?

  Died: BEF. 1857        at:   

Spouses: MILLER

Name: Margaret SKILLERN
  Born: 1798             at: Kentucky  

Married: at: ?

  Died:                  at:   

Spouses: Stephen BRIDGES

Name: a son SKILLERN
  Born: 1795             at: Kentucky  

Married: at:

  Died: 1800             at:   


Name: Radford Berry SKILLERN
  Born: 1801             at: Kentucky  

Married: at: ?

  Died: BEF. 1857        at: ?  

Spouses: SARAH

Name: George A. SKILLERN
  Born: ABT. 1803        at: Kentucky  

Married: at:

  Died: BEF. 1840        at: ?  


Name: Isaac C. SKILLERN
  Born: 14 Jan 1805      at: Kentucky (Garrard County)  

Married: ABT. 1830 at: Tennessee (Haywood County)

  Died: 9 Mar 1854       at: Texas (Nacogdoches County)  

Spouses: Lucinda WHITE NOTES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Zippora B. SKILLERN

  Born: 1807             at: Kentucky (Garrard County)  

Married: 19 Jan 1832 at: Tennessee (Davidson County)

  Died: AFT. 1880        at: Henderson, Texas (Rusk County)  

Spouses: Robert Henry WHITESIDE

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