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William Valentine Pieratt
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Name William Valentine Pieratt
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Pieratt Family in Kentucky Posted by: Donna Stewart Date: November 11, 1999 at 18:38:23

I will share the information that I have but must tell you that I have not confirmed any of this. Newspaper article located at the Mt. Sterling Library reads as follows:

"William Valentine Pieratt, a native of France, came with General Lafayette to help the American colonists win independence. After the war he lived for a while in Pennsylvania and Maryland, later moving to what was then the wilderness of Kentucky, settling in Montgomery (now Bath) County.

William Valentine Pieratt was twice married. By his first wife (whose maiden name is not known) he had the following named children: 1. John, born 3 Dec 1790, married Anna Maxey; 2. Barbara, born 10 Jan 1793; 3. James, born 6 April 1795, married Sally Shultz. William Valentine Pieratt married secondly Elizabeth Aery and had issue: 4. George, 5. Aery, 6. Mariah, 7. Elizabeth, 8. Henry, born 1808 died 1877, married Malinda Hamilton.

John Pieratt, son of the emigrant, married in Bath Co, KY on 8 Oct 1814, Anna Maxey and their children were: 1. Eli, born 6 April 1816 in Morgana Co, Ky, married Emily J. Nichols; 2. Valentine, 3. Thomas, 4. James, 5. John, Jr., 6. Silas, 7. Elizabeth married _____Perry, Morgan Co, ky; 8. Delilah, married ____Murphy, 9. Sally Ann, died young, 10. Mary Ann, died young.

James Pieratt, son of the emigrant, married in Bath Co, Ky on 26 March 1814, Sally Shultz and had issue: 1. David married____Tipton, 2. John married Deborah Goodpaster in Bath Co, Ky on 27 June 1839, 3. James married _____Tipton, 4. Valentine, 5. Eve Lou married Robert Tipton in Bath Co, Ky on 23 July 1845, 6. Mary Ellen."

Prior to finding this information, I found a web site entitled "Descendants of Dominique Pieratt". When I next tried to access this site, it would not allow me entry. I copied the following information from that site (there was more but I had not made a connection to the information at that time):

1. Dominique Pierrat born and died Vosges,France; married Marguerite Coutrat

2. son Valentine Pierrat born 1705 La Bresse, Vosges, France; died 10 May 1788 La Bresse, Vosges, France; married Barba Aubert (born 14 Feb 1708/09 La Bresse, Vosges, France; died 29 April 1790 La Bresse, Vosges, France; married 7 Feb 1729/30 La Bresse, Vosges, France.

3. son Valentine Pierrat born 21 March 1749/50 La Bresse, Vosges, France; died Owingsville, Bath Co, Ky; married Elizabeth Anna Ayrie (born before 1765 PA, married 6 Nov 1791, Baltimore Co, MD).