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Name William Newsom
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William Newsome was born on Uraha Swamp in Northampton County. He married a Quaker. He later moved to Wayne County at the edge of the Wilson Wayne County line just north of Fremont on Basses and Penright's swamp where he raised his family. His farm was near his brothers David and Joel Newsome. William Newsome owned over 1113 acres. The land tracts can be found in Wayne County Deed Book 12. The land is located just east of US Highway 117 just at the edge of the Wilson Wayne County line. The William Newsome home place is thought to have been at the edge of RR 1500 and the CSX RR tracts at the Wilson Wayne County line.

Wayne County Deed Book 5 page 405, William Newsome gives to his son Joab Newsome 250 acres. Dated 15 October 1792.

The Newsome Family and Related Families of Surry, Isle of Wight, Southhampton, and Sussex Counties, Virginia, B. C. Holtzclaw, Ph. D., University of Richmond, Virginia:

Among the earliest settlers of Wayne County was the William Newsome family. William Newsome was born in Surry County, Virgina, about 1756 and was the son of Joel Newsome and Rebecca Dickenson. William Newsome married Mary Jordan in March 1770 in Northampton County, North Carolina. She was the daughter of devout Quaker parents, Joseph Jordan and Patience Ricks. William Newsome and his wife moved to Dobbs County in May 1772 and purchased land from Pasco Peele on Basses and Penright's Swamps in 1784. His brothers Joel and David Newsome also moved to Dobbs County approximately the same time as William.

These three brothers are the ancestors of most present Wayne County Newsome families. William and Mary Newsome were the parents of at least eight children. William's younger children were born in that portion of Dobbs County which became Wayne County in 1779.

This family record is preserved in the Quaker records of Contentnea Monthly Meetings now meeting as the Nahunta Monthy Meeting. The two youngest children are not included in the Quaker record perhaps because at this time (1788) William may have left the Quaker faith. The early men's Meeting Minutes prior to 1815 have been lost so it is difficult to tell when the break with the Quakers occurred. All of Williams daughters married outside the Quaker faith, and were according to Quaker records, "disowned".

The sons likewise married non Quaker wives except for Jordan. William's break with the Friends is apparent by 1790, as he is enumerated as a slave owner in the Federal Census. William died in 1820 and his estate was inventoried on July 29, 1820 by the eldest son Joab who was appointed administrator on August 21, 1820. The settlement of this estate, dated September 28, 1820 listed some 17 slaves which were divided among the 17 heirs. His widow Mary left a will dated September 22, 1820 which began with the words, " In the name of God Amen", which indicates she too had broken with the Church since Quaker practice prohibits swearing or taking oaths.

The division of William's land is recorded in the Wayne County Deed Book 12, page 465. (21 June 1821.)

The Rich Square Monthly Meeting: William was received in membership in in 1770, and was reportedly married to Mary Jordan 1770, 3,17.

In 1772, William requested a certificate of unity to submit to militia officers as he was called upon to act in obeyance of the law. He also requested a certificate for himself and his family to Falling Creek Monthly Meeting, North Carolina.

From Contentnea Monthly Meeting William and wife and children were received on certificate 1772, from Northampton County dated 1772.

William was probably born on land near Urahaw Swamp purchased in Bertie County (Deed Book F, page 329) in January 1741. As one of the younger children he was not given land in his father Joel's will. He married a Quaker and associated himself with that sect from 1770 until about 1785 or longer.

His two youngest children are not in the Contentnea Quaker Registry.

He purchased land in Northampton County in March 1770. (Northampton County Deed Book 5, page 32.)

He sold the same in December of that year. (Northampton County Deed Book 5, page 216.)

He moved to Dobbs County about 1772, onto land near his brothers Joel and David and not far from his brother John In Johnston County.

The land in Dobbs County was on Basses and Penright Swamp and was patented by Pasco Peele a few years earlier. The present day location of this land has been located and is on the Wilson Wayne County line. Upon proceeding North on Highway 117 from Fremont, Wayne County, North Carolina, at the intersection of RR 1500 turn right and proceed past the railroad. At the railroad and RR 1500 intersection, the center of the land of William Newsome is located.

Going past the railroad and turning right on RR 1636, there is an old homestead which may be the site of the original home. There is an old cemetery which does not have any stones for the Newsome family.

William Newsome died intestate in July of 1820. Wayne County land division lists all his heirs including the son Exum who preceeded William in death. (Wayne County Deed Book 12, page 465.) (21 June 1821.)

Hinshaw's Quaker Family Records, North Carolina Volume, page 292: William Newsome, Mary Newsome, Children: Joab 12-8-1770, Charity 9-27-1775, Joseph 8-10-1777, Mary 10-20-1779, Pheriby 12-22-1780, Jordon 3-1-1785.

Wayne County, North Carolina Deed Book 5:

page 140: Pasco Peele to William Newsom on 01 January 1786 for 50 pounds Specie 105 acres South Side of Contentnea Creek on run of Penright Swamp adjacent William Newsom and John King patent by said Peele dated October 1783. Witness: Peter Powell

page 152: Cornelius Deerdino to William Newsom 11 May 1785 for 40 pounds 250 acres on the East side of Cooper Swamp adjacent Pasco Peele and Willis Bryany containing the plantation where Jacob Guin now lives. Witness: Enenezer Whitney

page 164: Pasco Peele to William Newsom on 27 January 1784 for 100 pounds in gold and silver 150 acres South side of Aycock Swamp and on Peacock Branch adjacent patent grant to Thomas Saint bearing date 18 August 1783 adjacent Willis Bryant.