Person:William McCune (5)

m. bef 1751
  1. John McCune1740-1755 -
  2. Robert McCune1745-1755 -
  3. James McCuneABT 1750 - ABT 1777
  4. William McCune1750/51 - bef 1830
m. ABT 1770
  1. Nancy McCune1770 - 1842
  2. John McCune1772 - 1852
  3. Susanna McCune1774 - ABT 1814
  4. Margaret "Peggy" McCune1775 - 1857
  5. Elizabeth "Betsy" McCune1776 -
  6. Hugh McCune1778 -
m. ABT 1812
  1. William Patton McCuneABT 1813 -
  2. Joseph P. McCune1815 - 1846
  3. Mary "Polly" McCuneABT 1816 -
  4. Susanna McCuneABT 1819 -
Facts and Events
Name William McCune
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 1750/51 Hopewell, Cumberland, Pennsylvania, United States
Marriage ABT 1770 Prob. Pennsylvaniato Elizabeth McClintock
Residence[2] 1780 Kentucky, Virginia, United Statescame to Kentucky with his John Hinkson, his half brother
Other[2] 11 May 1811 Bourbon, Kentucky, United Statesgives deposition
Marriage ABT 1812 to Elizabeth Patton
Death[3] bef 6 Dec 1830 Pike County, Missouri[probate]
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    Bourbon County, Kentucky Complete Record Book, 475

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    [from an interview taken by George Mountjoy and Joseph L Stevens, Justices of the Peace, Bourbon County, Kentucky.]
    Deposition of William McCune, aged 60 years (taken at dwelling house of James Ruddell in Bourbon County on May 11, 1811.
    He came to this country in the spring of the year 1780 and settled at Ruddell's Station which stood on the bank of the South Fork of Licking, and he continued to reside at said station until it was taken by the Indians during the same year ... and it was much resorted to by adventurers to this country, John Haggin was his kinsman, and informed him at Lexington Station when on his way to Ruddell's Station, that he had settled a place near said station but was compelled for danger of Indians to leave it. ...

  3. Pike County, Missouri Will Book, 1:123.

    William McCune, b 1750 in Pa; d Dec 6, 1830 Pike Co. Mo.
    His will written Nov 9, 1819 in Pike Co., Mo. and proved Dec 6, 1830, Bowling Green, Pike Co., Mo.

  4.   Family Notes, in Source Needed, Secondary quality.

    5. William McCUNE .
    William first married Elizabeth McCLINTOCK (?). Born circa 1738 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. [2] Elizabeth died in Bourbon County, Kentucky circa 1812; she was 74. [3]
    They had the following children:
    14 i. Nancy (1770-1842)
    15 ii. John (1772-1852)
    16 iii. Susanna (1774-ca1814)
    17 iv. Margaret "Peggy" (1775-1857)
    v. Elizabeth "Betsy". Born on October 17, 1776 in Pennsylvania. [4]
    circa 1798 when Elizabeth "Betsy" was 21, she married Benjamin GRAY, in Kentucky.

    vi. Hugh. Born on June 12, 1778 in Pennsylvania. [4]

    William second married Elizabeth PATTON, daughter of William PATTON & Martha FULLERTON. Born in 1777. Elizabeth died before November 9, 1835; she was 58.
    They had the following children:
    18 i. William Patton (ca1813-)
    19 ii. Joseph P. (1815-1846)
    iii. Mary "Polly" Lucy. Born circa 1816 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
    On November 13, 1825 when Mary "Polly" Lucy was 9, she first married Richard BREWER.
    On June 13, 1833 when Mary "Polly" Lucy was 17, she second married Booker T. EDWARDS, son of John EDWARDS & Nancy McGEE, in Pike County, Missouri.
    Mary "Polly" Lucy third married William H. SMITH.

    iv. Susanna. Born circa 1820 in Pike County, Missouri.
    On December 1, 1836 when Susanna was 16, she married John J. MILES, in Pike County, Miss

    From post:

    From: Bob Francis <>
    Subject: Elizabeth McClintock, wife of William McCune
    Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 13:29:19 -0600

    Fellow researchers,

    I am trying to find out information about Elizabeth McClintock, wife of
    William McCune. Following is the basic data that I have on both of them:

    Name: William McCUNE
    Birth: 1750 Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
    Death: 6 Dec 1830 Pike County, Missouri Age: 80
    Military: Revolutionary War
    Father: John McCUNE (ca1705-1766)
    Mother: Agnes (~1710->1766)

    1: Elizabeth McCLINTOCK (?)
    Birth: ca 1738 Cumberland County, Pennsylvania [1]
    Death: ca 1795 Bourbon County, Kentucky Age: 57
    Marriage: bef 1770
    Children: Nancy (1770-1842)
    John (1772-1852)
    Susanna (1774-ca1814)
    Margaret "Peggy" (1775-1857)
    Elizabeth ³Betsy² (1776-)
    Hugh (1778-)

    [1] Holliday Memo: ³Elizabeth was 12 yrs older than her husband.² From
    ³William McCune: The Pennsylvanian and Kindred Families² Compiled by
    Kathryn Hutcherson Campbell, April, 1974, p. 15.

    I am at a loss concerning Elizabeth's parents. She may or may not be a
    McClintock. From the Holliday memo note, Elizabeth was born about 1738 and
    was 12 years older than William McCune. It may be that she had been
    previously married to a McClintock (thus not showing up on various
    McClintock genealogies).

    Question: does anyone have any information on someone named Elizabeth first
    marrying a McClintock and second marrying a McCune?

    Bob Francis