Person:William Marche (17)

William Marche
  1. William Marcheest 1555 - aft 1580
  2. Peter Marcheest 1560 - aft 1600
Facts and Events
Name[1] William Marche
Gender Male
Birth[2] est 1555 probably Devon, England
Death[1] aft 1580 probably Devon, England

Disputed Lineages

He might be the same person as William Marche who wrote his will in 1612, but so far, the evidence is not sufficient to determine this (unless there is research more recent than the article cited).

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    Several records from the court of the manor of Stokenham, Devon, referring to "John Marche", "William Marche, son of John Marche" and "Peter Marche, son of John Marche" are listed. Records for John Marche occur in Sept. 1569 and Sept. 1570, and for William and Peter in 1580/1, 1587 and 1599-1601. There is also a court record in Oct 1610, referring to "William Marche, sen."

    The author speculates that William Marche, the Elder, of Sherford, Devon, who wrote his will in 1612 may have been the same person as "William Marche, son of John Marche". While this is possible, another explanation would be that William, the Elder (or "sen.") was John Marche's brother (or other contemporary) and was known as such because John's son was another adult William Marche in the area.

  2. Birth year is a very rough estimate based on the court records cited, and assuming he was not the William Marche, the Elder, who wrote his will in 1612 (but was the reason William Marche was called "the Elder").