Person:William Lynn (9)

William Lynn
d.1727 Virginia
  1. Sarah LynnABT 1667 - 1757
  2. William LynnABT 1672 - 1727
m. Bef. 1693
  1. Dr. William LynnEst 1690 - bet 1758
  2. Margaret Lynn1693 - 1773
  3. Dr. John LynnAbt 1695 - aft 1752
  4. Elizabeth LynnEst 1696-1708 -
  5. Audley LynnEst 1696-1708 - Bef 1757
  6. Charles LynnAbt 1700 -
Facts and Events
Name William Lynn
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1672 Loch Lynn, Scotland
Marriage Bef. 1693 County Donegal, Irelandprobably
to Margaret Patton
Death? 1727 Virginia


Margaret Lynn, wife of John Lewis, was almost certainly of the Lynn family of Donegal and Londonderry counties, Province of Ulster, Ireland. She was the daughter of William Lynn, and his wife, Margaret Patton, who brought him to the estate, "Ruskie," Parish of Drumachose, County Derry, inherited from her father, John Patton. Another child of William and Margaret Patton Lynn was a physician, Dr. William Lynn, who immigrated to the Virginia Colony and settled in Fredericksburg. He was a member of the earliest land company that made discoveries and petitioner, in 1727, the Council of Virginia for a land grant west of the Blue Ridge."