Person:William Judd (4)

Sergeant William Judd
b.Bef 1635
m. Bef 1633
  1. Elizabeth JuddEst 1633 -
  2. Sergeant William JuddBef 1635 - Bef 1690
  3. Lieutenant Thomas JuddEst 1638 - 1702/03
  4. Lieutenant John JuddCal 1640 - 1715
  5. Benjamin JuddCal 1643 - Bef 1689
  6. Mary JuddCal 1645 - 1684
  7. Ruth Judd1646/47 - Bef 1735
  8. Philip Judd1649 - Bef 1689
  9. Samuel JuddCal 1651 - 1721
  • HSergeant William JuddBef 1635 - Bef 1690
  • WMary SteeleEst 1637 - 1718
m. 30 Mar 1657
  1. Mary Judd1658 -
  2. Deacon Thomas Judd1662 - 1747/48
  3. John Judd1667 - 1710
  4. Rachel Judd1670 -
  5. Samuel Judd1673 - 1728
  6. Daniel Judd1675 - 1748
  7. Elizabeth Judd1678 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Sergeant William Judd
Gender Male
Birth[1] Bef 1635
Marriage 30 Mar 1657 Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesto Mary Steele
Death[2][3][4] Bef 5 Nov 1690 Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut, United States (probably)Before date of probate.
Estate Inventory[4] Bef 5 Nov 1690 Undated; £ 694-06-06. Taken by Thomas Porter and John Judd.
Probate[4] 5 Nov 1690 Administration to the widow and John Judd.

The Estate of Sergeant William Judd of Farmington

"Probate Records. Vol. V, 1687 to 1695. Page 79

Judd, Sergt. William, Farmington. Invt. £694-06-06. Taken by Thomas Porter and John Judd. The children: Thomas, age 27 years, John 23, Samuel 17, Daniel 15, Mary Jones 32, Rachell 20, Elizabeth 12.

Court Record, Page 20—5 November, 1690: Adms. to the Widow and John Judd.

Dist. File: 27 December, 1690: Pursuant to an Act of the General Assembly, 5 November, 1690: To the Widow, £223-00-02; To Thomas Judd, 128-00-00; to John, 65-00-00; to Samuel, 65-00-00; to Daniel, 64-00-00; to Mary Jones, 64-13-00; to Rachel, 64-01-07; to Elizabeth, 64-00-00.

A 2nd Dist by Agreement, 7 April, 1719, of that part of the Estate that was settled upon our Mother.


Also set out to the heirs of John Judd, Decd, his three Children: William, Eunice and Rhoda Judd.

Test: Hez: Wyllys, Clerk.

Page 22—(Vol. VIII) 6 November, 1710: Report of the Dist. by Mary Judd, Widow, and John Judd sen., Adms.

Page 317—(Probate Side, Vol. IX): An Agreement of Heirs to divide that part of the Estate which was settled upon our honoured Mother for her Dowry during life, that this be to Thomas Judd, our Eldest Brother; to the heirs of John Judd, son of William Judd Decd ; to Samuel Judd, to Daniel Judd, to Elizabeth Judd.

Signed and Sealed, 7 April, 1719:


Page 101—7 April, 1719: Agreement acknowledged in Court. Accepted, ordered recorded & filed.

Page 12—(Vol. XI) 1729-30: Thomas Judd, Eldest son of William Judd, late of Farmington Deed, together with Daniel Judd, another of the heirs to the sd. Deed William Judd, showing to this Court that there were several parcells of Iand of their sd. Father that was set out to them, sd. Thomas & Daniel Judd, together with their Brother Samuel Judd, who is now decd, and they tenants in Common and the surviving party, viz, Thomas & Daniel, moved that this Court, pursuant to a law of this Colony intitled "An Act to Inable Guardians to Divide Lands," Would appoint some suitable persons to divide sd. Lands between and amongst the sd. Thomas Judd, Daniel Judd and William's sd. minors, the guardians to sd. minors joining in this Motion: Whereupon this Court do appoint John Porter and Deacon John Hart of Farmingtown, with Abigaill Judd, Guardian and Mother to one of sd. minors, to make a Division of sd. Lands between sd. surviving parties and the sd. minors, children to Samuel Judd deceased, and that the sd. Division be not delayed. Daniel Judd also showing to this Court that the sd. Samuel Judd Decd and the sd. Daniel Judd have bought of John Root's heirs severall parcells or Lofts of Land in the Township of Farmingtown, in which Lands the sd. Daniel Judd and the orphant Children of Samuel Judd Decd ly as tenants in Common, and the sd. Daniel Judd moves to this Court that pursuant to the aforesd Law this Court would appoint some meet persons, with the Assistance of the Guardians of sd. minors, to divide sd. Lands between the sd. minors and the sd. Daniel Judd: This Court do therefore appoint John Porter and Deacon John Hart of Farmingtown, together with the Assistance of the Widow Abigail Judd, Guardian and Mother to one of the sd. minors, to make a just and equal division of what Lands have been so bought of the sd. John Root Jr. his heirs by Samuel & Daniel Judd, between sd. Daniel Judd and sd. minor of Samuel Judd Decd.

Page 16—3 March, 1730: An Agreement for the distribution of several peices of Land divided amongst the heirs of William Judd of Farmington Decd, viz, Thomas Judd, John Porter, Daniel Judd, John Hart, William Judd, and Abigail Judd, all of Farmingtown, exhibited in Court, Accepted, and ordered on File."[4]

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