Person:William Jepson (2)

  • F.  Thomas Jepson (add)
  • M.  Sarah Pettingell (add)
  1. Bradbury T. Jepson1785 -
  2. Nabby Jepson1787 -
  3. Molly Jepson1788 -
  4. William Jepson1790 - 1868
  5. Ebenezer Jepson1793 -
  6. Phoebe Jepson1794 -
  1. William Jepson1816 - Bet 1860-1869
  2. Rebecca Jepson1818 - 1850
  3. Rosalind Jepson1823 -
  4. Edward P. Jepson1827 -
  5. Levi D. Jepson1829 -
  6. Elizabeth Jepson1832 -
  7. Mary Jepson1832 -
m. Est 1834
  1. Sarah Jepson1834 - 1912
Facts and Events
Name William Jepson
Gender Male
Birth[1] 3 Apr 1790 Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine, United States
Marriage Est 1834 Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine, United Statesto Elizabeth Pettengill
Death[2] 31 Jul 1868 Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine, United States
Burial[2] Herrick Cemetery, Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine, United States

Evidence for second marriage

Here is the evidence to date that William, h. of Sarah Blaisdell, is also William, h. of Elizabeth Pettingell:

  • Levi D. Jepson's death record lists his parents as Wm Jepson and Elizabeth Pettingell ( Note that if Sarah Blaisdell had died shortly after the birth of Elizabeth and Mary, and William remarried soon thereafter, then Levi would have only really known his stepmother.
  • At the 1850 census there lived, in Lewiston, William (a. 60), Elizabeth (a. 58) and Sarah N. (a. 15) Jepson ( This Sarah could have been named in memory of Sarah Blaisdell.
  • His cemetery transcription lists him as the husband of both women. This information probably doesn't come from his gravestone, but rather from a published local history, such as the History of Lewiston.

More conclusive sources undoubtedly exist.

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