Person:William Hatch (49)

m. 26 Jul 1587
  1. John Hatchest 1594 - aft 1628/29
  2. Thomas Hatchbef 1597 - bef 1646
  3. Elder William Hatch1599 - 1651
  4. Elizabeth Hatchest 1600 - bet 1647 and 1654
  5. Judith Hatchest 1602 - aft 1628/29
  6. Margaret Hatchest 1604 - aft 1628/29
  7. Mary Hatch1606 - aft 1628/29
  8. Unknown Hatchest 1609 - bef 1628/29
  9. Anne Hatche1612 -
m. bef 1623
  1. Walter Hatchest 1623 - 1699
  • HElder William Hatch1599 - 1651
  • WJane Young1597 - 1653
m. aft 9 Jul 1624
  1. John Hatch1625 - aft 1643
  2. Ann Hatch1626 - 1697
  3. Unknown Hatchbef 1628 - 1628
  4. William Hatch1629 - bet 1653 and 1656
  5. Jane Hatch1631 -
  6. Andrew Hatch1633 - 1633
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Elder William Hatch
Alt Name[2] Lieutenant William Hatch
Alt Name[3] William Hatche
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] cal 1599 Tenterden, Kent, England(probably)
Marriage bef 1623 Based on estimated date of birth of only known child.
to Unknown Unknown
Marriage License 9 Jul 1624 Canterbury, Kent, EnglandThanington
to Jane Young
Marriage aft 9 Jul 1624 Canterbury, Kent, England(probably)
to Jane Young
Emigration[1] 1635 On the Hercules.
Residence[1] 1635 Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Will[1] 5 Nov 1651
Death[1] 6 Nov 1651 Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Probate[1] 3 Jun 1652 Will proved.
Estate Inventory[1] 3 Jun 1652 £95-03-04; no real estate listed.

On 17 March 1634/5, "Wm Hatch of Sandwich, merchant, & Jane his wife," with their children "Walter," "John," "Willm," "Anne" and "Jane," with a certificate of conformity from "Mr. Thos Gardener, Vicar of St. Marie's in Sandwich," and along with five servants, "Wm Holmes," "Joseph Ketchrell," "Simon Ketcrell," "Symon Sutton," and "Lidia Wells," were enrolled at Sandwich as passengers for New England on the Hercules [NEHGR 75:219]

In his will, dated 5 Nov 1651 and proved 3 June 1652, "William Hatch the elder of Scittuate..., planter," bequeathed to "Jane my wife" cattle, "half my dwelling house during her lifetime as also half the fruits of the trees of my orchard," along with some moveables and an annual allowance of grains; to "my daughter Jane Lovell one milch cow" and some moveables; to "my grandchild John Lovell" a calf, with provisions should this daughter have any more children; to "my daughter Ann Torry" a cow and a pot; to "my grandchild James Torrey a cow calf and the first calf of her breed to my grandchild William Torrey and the next calf of her to my grandchild Josepth [sic] and the next to my grandchild Damaris"; residue equally to "my two sons Walter Hatch and William Hatch," they to be executors [PCPR 1:1:105; MD 10:38-40]. The inventory of the estate of "William Hatch Senior deceased of the town of Scittuate," taken 3 June 1652, totalled £95 3s. 4d., with no real estate listed. [PCPR 1:1:106; MD 10:40-41].

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    ORIGIN: Sandwich, Kent.
    FREEMAN: Added to 1633 Plymouth Colony list of freemen on or soon after 5 January 1635/6 [PCR 1:4]. In 7 March 1636/7 and 1639 Plymouth Colony lists of freemen [PCR 2:52, 8:175].
    BIRTH: Abt 1599 (aged "about 25" on 9 Jul 1624 [NEHGR 70:250]), son of William and Anne (___) Hatch [NEHGR 70:255; Joseph Neal Anc. 115-16].
    DEATH: Scituate 6 Nov 1651 (as "Will[ia]m Hatch, Senior and Elder" [PCR 8:21])
    MARRIAGE: (1) by about 1623, unknown
    (2) 9 Jul 1624 (license) Jane Young, aged "about 27" [NEHGR 70:250-51, citing "original licence in the Diocesan Registry, Canterbury, partially printed in Cowper's Canterbury Marriage Licences, Series 2, column 471"]. She married (2) at Scituate on 31 March 1653 Thomas King, and died at Scituate on 8 October 1653 [PCR 8:19, 21].

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    William Hatch … was born about 1598, presumably in Tenterden, Kent. … Hatch was a woolen-draper of Ashford in 1624. He moved almost immediately after his marriage [to Jane Young] to Wye, where he was still living in 1633, but when he sailed for New England in 1634/5 he was a resident of the Kentish port of Sandwich. … With may of their fellow passengers the Hatch family settled in Scituate where Hatch built a house on Kent street. … Leaving his family in its new home Hatch returned to England, probably to settle his affairs in the old country, and in April 1638, he set sail for New England a second time on the Castle, very probably accompanied by his brother Thomas Hatch, his sister Elizabeth Soan and their families.

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Hercules (1635)
From Hotten:s Original Persons: "Of all such persons as embarked themselves in the good ship called the Hercules, of Sandwicxh, of the burthen of 200 tons, John Witherley, master, and therein transported from Sandwich to the plantation called New England in America; with the cerificates from the ministers where they last dwelt of their conversation, and conformity to the orders and discipline of the church, and that they had taken the oath of allegiance and supremacy. (The certificates, all dated February and March, 1634, are here omitted.)
Sailed: early 1635 from Sandwich, Kent, England under Master John Witherley
Arrived: summer 1635 at Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony

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