Person:William Gass (1)

  1. William GASS1727 - 1815
  2. Mary GASS1729 -
  3. Agnes GASS1732 -
  4. John GASSAbt 1733 - 1821
  5. Thomas GASS1734 - 1817
  6. Elizabeth GASS1735 - 1736
  7. Helen (or Eleanor) GASS1737 -
  8. Nicholas GASSAbt 1737 -
  9. Jean GASS1739 - 1740
  10. James GASS1739 - 1740
  11. George? GASSAbt 1745 - 1818
  12. Eleanor GASS
  1. Jane JANET1760 -
  2. Irving GASS1762 -
  3. Irviny GASS1762 - 1818
  4. Nicholas GASS1764 -
  5. Isabella GASS1767 -
  6. Margaret GASS1770 - 1850
  7. Infant GASS1773 - 1774
  8. John Gass1776 - 1863
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] William GASS
Gender Male
Birth? 10 Jan 1727 Annan, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
Alt Birth[1] 10 Jan 1727 Northfield Farm, Annan, Dumfriesshire, Scotland
Reference Number Eleanor Or Helen GASS
Other[7] 1760 Farmed with brothers John and Thomas at Scotsfield, K-F, Dumfr.
Other[3] Abt 1765 Grain merchant and Farmer with brothers John, Thomas at Scotsfield, K-F, Dumfr.
Emigration[7] 1773 Sailed for NY
Other[5] 1783 Settled Near Schoharrie Kill, In Jewett According to Beer's History
Census? 1810 Wingham, Greene Co., NY
Death? 1815 Jewett Center, Greene, New York, United States
Alt Death[8] 26 Mar 1815 Jewett Center, Windham, Greene County, NY State, United States
Other[3] Buried Gass burial Ground at Jewett Center, Greene co NY , USA
Other[7] Received land from King George


William was born either January 10 or 16, 1727 in his Northfield Home in the beautiful Scottish Border near Dumfriesshire, the son of Nicholas Gass and Jean Wightman Gass. His wife, Eleanor (Greyling) Gass, was a distant cousin. They later lived in Scotsfield Home, a stately home just north of the Solway Firth. William, age 46, and Eleanor, age 38, sailed for NYC in 1773 with their six children aged 13, 11, 9, 6, 3 and an infant son. After a long voyage and the loss of one child at sea, they arrived in the Colonies in 1773. It was the year of the Boston Tea Party and the beginning of a new nation. Leaving New York City, they first lived a fortnight in Delaware County. Later they secured several hundred acres of land along both sides of the Schoharie Kill River in Greene Co., NY. Here a permanent home was built. Life was all uphill in this rugged little valley of the Catskills. Here John Gass, Sr., brother of Margaret Gass (who later married James Pixley) lived for nearly sixty years, raised a large family of his own (13 children), and buried William and Eleanor near the old home.

Northfield is near Annan. They had six children. The youngest was the first born (17 February 1776) in the USA at Kortright, Delaware Co., NY. (The town is not listed in French's Gazetteer nor in the present maps. Could it be near Gasport on the Erie Canal? There is a town named Wright.)

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