Person:William Driskill (3)

William Driskill, Jr
m. by 1751
  1. Mary Driskill (2)
  2. Rachel Driskill
  3. John Driskillabt 1740-1750 - aft 1795
  4. Shadrack Driskillabt 1745-1750 - aft 1796
  5. Adam Driskillabt 1750-1755 -
  6. Vileter Driskillbef 1755 - aft 1808
  7. William Driskill, Jr1756 - aft 1820
  8. Nancy Driskillabt 1760-1765 -
  9. Moses Driskellabt 1770 -
  • HWilliam Driskill, Jr1756 - aft 1820
  • WLeah Wooten
m. by 1777
  1. Leah Driskell1781-1783 - 1857
  2. Wooten Driskill1785-1795 - 1820-1823
  3. John Driskillbef 1786 - abt 1818
  4. Jacob Driskillabt 1789 -
  5. Christopher Driskillabt 1797 -
  6. Allen Driskillabt 1800 -
Facts and Events
Name William Driskill, Jr
Gender Male
Birth? by 1756 prob. Worcester Co., MD
Marriage by 1777 prob. Sussex Co., DEto Leah Wooten
Death? aft 1820 poss. Hancock Co., GA

--GaleB 08:24, 20 January 2008 (EST) At this time, I have placed William of Sussex Co., DE under William Sr because nothing has been found to link him to a anyone else. Also, though there is mention of William Jr in the Worcester Co. records he does not appear to have owned land, paid taxes, or witnessed deeds in Worcester Co. Why? Perhaps because this is him living in Sussex Co., DE. Another clue to William's identity is found in the names of his children. A son named Christopher and a son named Jacob. Rosannah Christopher had a brother Jacob and, of course, Christopher was her maiden name. DNA testing of a descendant would be very helpful in proving this line.

Parts of Sussex Co., DE were originally in Somerset Co., MD. Many of the families of Somerset and Worcester are also found in Sussex Co., DE. On March 18, 1769 John Wooten conveyed to his son John Jr. a tract of 141 acres called Ruke's Adventure (Wor. Bk H, pg 14-15) which he had patented in 1748. On March 23, 1771 he bought from Joshua Hearn a parcel of 35 acres called Folley (Wor. H, pg 589). He was appointed guardian for his grandson Jonathan on May 6, 1777 (Sussex Orp. Ct. Bk A, pg 456). I estimate John Wooten Jr was born ca1740

William Driskell is found in the records of Sussex as follows:

Calendar of Sussex Co., Delaware Probate Records, 1680-1800: John Wootton (Wooten) Jr Yeoman Administration To William Duskey and wife Leah. Adm'rs bond dated April 25, 1777 Archives Vol. A109, pg. 58 My Note: Wm Driskell had to be 21 yrs of age so born by 1756.

From Abstracts of the Proceedings of the Orphans Court of Sussex County, Delaware by V. L. Skinner, Jr. Liber A, May 6, 1777, pg. 456-457 Jonathon WOOTON (Over age 14, minor, son of John WOOTON Jr., (yeoman, dec'd) chose as his guardian his grandfather John WOOTON. Security: William BEAVINS Jr.

Samuel WOOTON (over age 14, minor, son of John WOOTON Jr., (yeoman, dec'd) chose as his guardian William BEAVINS Jr., Security: Elijah WOOTON.

Elijah WOOTON was appointed guardian of Dolby WOOTON (under age 14, minor, son of John WOOTON Jr., (yeoman dec'd). Security William BEAVINS Jr.

William DRISKELL was appointed guardian to Sally, Polly, & Isaac WOOTTON (under age 14, minors, children of John WOOTON, Jr. (yeoman, dec'd). Security: William BEAVINS Jr.

Still unanswered is, who was Leah Wooten? Was she a daughter, sister, or the widow of John Wooten Jr?

From Sussex Co., DE land records: George Messick to Caldwell King of Sussex Co on Nov 5, 1778 Track in Broad Creek Hundred called Hogg Quarter, 25 acres for 50 pounds. Wit: William Bevins Junr, William DRISKELL. Proven Nov 5, 1778.

Sussex Co., DE Register of Wills, Liber C, Folios 277-278 Wm. Beavens, Sr Will. Made July 5, 1781. Heirs: wife Mary Beavens; sons William, John, James and Shadrach Beavens; daus. Mary Ann Cahoon, Levina Ward and Allafare Wootten; Constant Beavens; Son-in-law Elijah Wooten. Exec'rs, wife Mary Ann and Son William Beavens. Wits., Isaac Jones, William DRISCOLL, Elijah Hall. Prob. Dec 10, 1781.

From Scharf's History of Delaware, Sussex Co., DE: BROAD CREEK HUNDRED CHURCHES. Broad Creek Baptist Church. This church was organized May 31, 1781, by the Revs. Philip Hughes and Elijah Baker and was the third of the denomination in the State. At the start there were forty seven members, who were Edward Blades, Mary Blades, Joshua Gibbins, Anna Gibbins, John Gibbins, Sarah Gibbins, Samuel Gibbins, Joshua Gibbins, Jr., William DUSKY, Leah DUSKY, Edmund Hitchen, Tabitha Hitchen, John Benson, Leven Bacon, Adare Bacon, William Mattocks, Alexander Mattocks, Sarah Mattocks, William Loyd, Sarah Loyd, Edward Noles, Thomas Noles, Emanuel Walker, Philip Waller, Thomas Grace, Sarah Grace, Thomas Oglesby, Sarah Oglesby, Rachel Calleway, Jane Smith, Elizabeth Baker, Moses Gordy, Eunice Gordy, Rebecca Corwin, Sophia Shahavane, Comfort Boyce, Sarah Philips, James Perdue, Ann Perdue, William Oliffin, Elizabeth Oliphant, Rhoda Pointer, Delilah Perdue, George Davis, Mary Davis and two negroes Neal and Rachael. In ten years the church decreased from forty-seven to twenty-three by reason of the removal of several families to Georgia and North Carolina, and the detachment of a large number to form Gravelly Branch in 1785.

Note: Some of these people appear on the 1785 Little Creek Hundred, Sussex Co. tax list. The online version of this tax list, from Sharf's book, lists a Wm. Durkey. I think this is actually Wm. Duskey (aka Driskill). By 1795 many of these people are found in Hancock Co., GA, including William Driskill.

1797 Hancock Co., GA tax list: William Driskill; 1804 Hancock Co., GA Tax list: Wm. Driskell

Deeds and Mortgages - Hancock County, GA, Volume K - M (1812-1823), Film #0222014, Volume K, Pg 77:

 This indenture made in the Fifteenth day of January in year of Our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred & Five between Littleton Carter of the State of Georgia and County of Hancock of the one part and William Driskill of the State and County aforesaid of the other part witnesseth that the said Littleton Carter for and in consideration of the sum of Eighty Dollars to him in hand paid by said William Driskill before the sealing and delivery of the _____the receipt whereof hereby acknowledge have bargained and sold released and confirm and do by these presents bargain sell, release and confirmed unto the said William Driskill his heirs and assigns forever all that tract or parcel of land situated lying and being in the County and state aforesaid on the Greensburrow  containing fifty acres more or less beginning at a stake on Reddick line... to

a pine corner thence 45 East with Henry Richards line... unto the said William Driskill his heirs and assigns forever which land, I the said Littleton Carter doth warrant and forever defend against me, my heirs & all singular person or persons lawfully claiming or to claim unto the said William Dreskill his heirs in witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand & seal the day & date above mentioned signed, sealed & acknowledged.

Signed: Littleton Carter Wit: Wm Bullock, J.P, John Dreskill

Registered the 29 May 1812 Phil L. Sims, Clerk, Superior Court My Note: Littleton Carter came from Little Creek Hund., Sussex Co., DE

Deeds and Mortgages Hancock County, GA,Film #0222014, Volume K, Pg 127:

 This indenture made this 3rd day of March, one thousand eight hundred and twelve between James Turner, Guardian for John H. Turner of Randolph County of the one part and William Dreskell of County of Hancock the other part witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum One Hundred Dollars to him in hand paid by him the aforesaid William Dreskell, Sr. at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledge & hath given granted, bargained and sold, released and confirmed unto the aforesaid Wm. Dreskell, his heirs and assigns forever all that tract of land or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Hancock containing Eight(y?) acres be the same & more or less lying in the (drains?) of Little thence N45W44C 50 links along Duskey’s Line to...corner along Littleton Carter’s line... unto the aforesaid Wm. Driskell his heirs and assigns against the claim of John H. Turner and all and every other person and persons whatsoever shall and will warrant and defend forever by these presents __ Wm. Dreskell in fee simple.

Signed: James Turner, Wit: John Vinson and Tulla Vinson

Sworn to & subscribed before me this 4th February 1813, R. Moore, J.P.

INDEX TO THE HEADRIGHT AND BOUNTY GRANTS OF GEORGIA, 1756-1909 William Driskill, grant in 1806, Grant Book FFFFF, Page 455, 30 acres

1812 Hancock Co., GA tax list: Jacob Driscol 0 acres Capt Gay's Dist, and William Driscol 210 acres Capt Gay's Dist

Census 1820, Hancock Co. Ga., p. 101

Driskill, William  Male 45 up = 1, M 10-16 = 1(Peter b. 1805?), F 45 up = 1, F 10-16 = 2

The 1821 GA land lottery shows: DRISKELL, William of Hancock Co. won land in Henry Co., GA

Hancock Co, GA Wills & Estate Records, 1794-1804, Vols. A- AAAA, MFL624 MARY WOOTIN and JAMES CATHELL Admnr. of estate of JOHN WOOTEN, dec'd and ELIJAH CLARK and JESSE THOMPSON Securities. Bond 2000 lbs Sterl. Date 16 Sept. 1794.

There is also another entry on the page: LEVINAH EVANS, Admnx, of estate of Issac Evans dec'd and Larkin Turner and Wm. Driskill Security, bond for $300, dated 25 Dec. 1802. Why were these men posting bond for Issac Evans estate? There must have been a kinship here.

Deeds and Mortgages of Hancock County, GA, Film #0222014, Volume M, Pg. 112 This indenture made the 24th Dec 1818 and in the 43rd year of the American Independence, between William Driskill of the State of and county of aforesaid of the one part and Benjamin Barnes of the State and county aforesaid of the other part. Witnesseth that the said William Driskell for and in consideration of the sum of One Thousand Dollars to him in hand paid by the said Benj. Barnes at or before the __ and delivery ____ presents the receipts of which is hereby acknowledged, hath granted, bargained and sold _____ and con____ unto the said Benjamin Barnes his heirs and assigns, all that tract or parcel of land ___ lying and being in the county aforesaid and on the water of Little Ogechee adjoining Isaac Culver on the West, Jonathan Davis on the North, Strother on the East and Alford on the South containing two Hundred acres be it the ____ more or less, con_____ and as follows. Beginning at a black gum corner at the mouth Wooten Driskell’s spring and branch, thence down Little Ogechee to Bay corner, thence down said stream, a water Oak at the mouth of William Driskell’s branch, thence up said branch to ______ to E __________ to a stake _______N44E______thence S45C[hains] pine corner, thence N62.69.00 to Pine corner, thence N41W 17.50 to Black Jack corner on the head of Wooten Dreskell’s spring branch, then down said branch to the beginning black gum corner. his

Signed: William Dreskell (his mark)

Wit: Richard Strother, Wm. Alford, Jr, John A. Evans, J.P. Registered the 30th April 1819

Deeds and Mortgages – Hancock County, GA, Film #0222014, Volume M, Pg. 49

  This indenture made this 24th of March AD One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twelve between William Dreskell and John Vinson ____ of the county aforesaid witnesseth that the aforesaid Wm. Dreskell for and in consideration of the sum of Fifty dollars to him in hand paid by him that aforesaid John Vinson is and before the ___ and delivering of these presents the..._all __parcel of land lying and being in the County of aforesaid containing ____ acres more or less lying on the ____of little Ogeechee... to have and to hold into the said John Vinson his heirs and assigns...
   In witness whereof the said William Driskell hath thereunto set his hand and seal this day and year first above mention.  

Wit: Wooddon Dreskell (his mark), Isaac Fenn