Person:William Dickson (49)

William Dickson
b.Abt 1779 Virginia
  1. Elizabeth DicksonBef 1772 -
  2. Ann DicksonBef 1772 -
  3. Enoch DicksonAbt 1773 - Abt 1841
  4. John DicksonAbt 1775 - Bef 1870
  5. William DicksonAbt 1779 - Abt 1837
  6. James Dickson1780 - 1843
  7. Margaret DicksonEst 1790 - Bet 1830 & 1835
Facts and Events
Name William Dickson
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1779 Virginia
Death[1] Abt 1837 Rutherford County, Tennessee
  1. 1.0 1.1 William Dickson was born about 1779 in Virginia and died by 1837 in Rutherford County, Tennessee, where he made out his last will and testament leaving land in Lauderdale County, Alabama, to his brother James of Madison County. He also left other property in Rutherford County to his brother Enoch of that county. It is believed that this William Dickson was the same person as one of the three “gentlemen justices of the quorum” of Madison County's 1810 and 1811 Orphans Court. This early court combined the functions of later Probate and Commissioners Courts. Since William's will made no mention of a wife or children, it is assumed that he died unmarried or at least with no surviving family of his own. Apparently, he spent a few years living in Alabama's Madison County before moving to Rutherford County, Tennessee.,_A_Vintage_Vignette