Person:William Cochran (41)

Sen. William Cochran
m. Bef 1747
  1. Sen. William Cochran1747 - 1819
  2. Mary Cochran1755 - Aft 1819
  3. Samuel Cochran, Sr.1760 - 1842
m. 5 Aug 1780
m. 22 Oct 1816
Facts and Events
Name[3] Sen. William Cochran
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1747 Lunenburg County, Virginia[area became Henry County in 1776]
Marriage 5 Aug 1780 Henry County, Virginiato Sarah "Sally" Edmondson
Marriage 22 Oct 1816 Clarke County, Alabamato Dorothea Ethridge
Death[1] 12 Dec 1819 Clarke County, Alabama[there in 1818]
  1. 1.0 1.1 (not a reliable source).

    William Cochran was a veteran of the Revolutionary War from Henry County, Virginia.

  2.   Graves, William T. Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters.

    Pension Application of William Cockran S38624 Mary Cockran VA
    Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris. Revised 18 Dec 2012.

    I William Cochran, now about the age of seventy, formerly of Henry county in the state of Virginia, but now of the county of Clarke in the Alabama Territory, do solemnly swear, that on the 14th of January 1777, I engaged in the continental service, on the Virginia line, in the 14th reg. under the command of Colo. Charles Lewis, and in the company commanded by Captn Henry Conway: that the said regiment was afterwards promoted as it was then called to the 10th [on 14 Sep 1778]. that I continued in the service in the same company, (though afterwards Commanded by Captn. Nathan Reid) for the space of three years, and was discharged in February 1780, at Frederick town in Maryland by Colo. Webb under whose command I had been temporarily placed as one of an escort of prisoners from Philadelphia to Fort Frederick: then afterwards sent my discharge to Richmond, by order of government, but the man by whom I sent the said discharge lost it, so that I never obtained the land due to me [see below] nor my compliment of rations. that during the above period I was a serjeant. that I am now in reduced circumstances in life and stand in need of assistance from my country for support, as I have never been allowed any pension whatever. I do further swear that I do not know of any officer now living who belonged to the regiment aforesaid, nor do I know of any officer whatever now living who could testify as to the time of my being in service, or of my having served at all.
    [Certified by the judge on 7 Sep 1818.]

    (Signed) William Cochran
    Image:William Cochran signature1 Revolutionary Pension.gif
    [The following are among Revolutionary bounty-warrant papers in the Library of Virginia.]
    Wm Cockran a Serg’t in the tenth Verg’a Reg’t beloning to the arm of the united States of America having servd three years being the time of his Enlistment is therefore Dischargd from the service Given under my hand Federick town this 21st Jan’y 178[?] John Webb Lt. Colo
    (Copy) [illegible signature]

    Sir Please to Let Mr Jno Depriest have my Land warrant and much oblige yours &c
    Test/ Rob’t Lewis
    November 26 - 83
    (Signed) William Cochran

    A certificate from the Auditor’s Office of Virginia dated 2 Feb 1855 states that “a settlement was made on the 26th day of November 1783 in the name of Wm Cockran as Serg’t. Inf and evidence of the indebtedness of the State to him for £76.12.0 delivered to Mr. Depriest.” The file also contains a copy of a Land Office certificate dated 28 Nov 1783, which states that “William Cockran is entitled to the proportion of land allowed a Serjeant of the Continental Line who has served three years,” and that a warrant for 200 acres was issued to him the following day.

    Under the pension act of 1 May 1820, William Cockran was required to submit a schedule of his property to prove his need for a pension, but there is no record that he did so.

    - the following references a DIFFERENT William Cochran (1764-1825):

    On 29 March 1855 in Augusta County VA Mary Cockran, 72, applied for a pension stating that she married William Cockran on 10 Oct 1816 in Licking County OH, and he died 26 Aug 1825. On 12 April 1855 Henry Brown, 55, deposed that William Cockran first married Brown’s mother’s sister, and that after her death Cockran went to Ohio and married Mary Barns, who was then living in Staunton.

    The file includes a copy of the will of William Cockran dated 20 Aug 1825 and probated in Frederick County VA on 1 Nov 1825. The will directs that the plantation on which he lived be rented out, and that most of his personal property be sold, with one-third of the proceeds given to “my beloved wife Mary” and two-thirds to his children as follows: “sons John, William, Edward, and Thomas” and “daughters Sarah, Mary, Rebecca, Rachel and Eliza Jane and should I have another son or daughter, to each & every one of them share & share alike.”
    Although the applicant’s name is written on the file jacket as “Cochran,” he consistently signed his name “Cockran.

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