Person:William Buster (1)

William Buster, II
b.1729 Ireland
d.bef. 13 May 1795 Wythe County, Virginia
m. abt. 1728
  1. William Buster, II1729 - bef 1795
  2. Claudius Buster1731 - abt 1807
  3. David Busterabt 1735 - bef 1797
  4. Paul Busterabt 1737 -
  5. John Busterabt 1741 - 1817
  • HWilliam Buster, II1729 - bef 1795
  • WJane Woodsabt 1734 - 1812
m. 1751
  1. Elizabeth Buster1751 - 1814
  2. William Woods Buster1754 - 1830
  3. John Buster1755 -
  4. Michael Buster1757 - abt 1846
  5. David Buster1760 - 1806
  6. Claudius Buster1763 - 1843
  7. Sarah 'Sally' Buster1764 -
  8. Charles Buster1765 - 1802
  9. Sarah Buster1768 -
  10. Mary Jane 'Polly' Buster1780 - 1852
Facts and Events
Name William Buster, II
Gender Male
Birth? 1729 Ireland
Marriage 1751 Albemarle County, Virginiato Jane Woods
Death? bef. 13 May 1795 Wythe County, Virginia

Will of William Buster

Will of William Buster:
In the name of God, Amen. March 12th day in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven-hundred and Ninety-two, I, William Busterd, of the County of Wythe and State of Virginia, being in perfect health and of sound mind and memory, and knowing it is appointed for man once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament.
First I recommend my soul to God and restorest my body to the earth with all humble hopes of blessed immortality to the one and Glorious resurrection, to the other through all sufficient merit of my Redeamer, and that when he resigns his ministerial kingdom to his father, I hall, after the reunion of my body and spirit, be an humble attendant on that most glorious of all Triumphs.
I bequeaths to my loving wife, Jane Busterd, my negroe woman Jude forever. I also give to my loving wife, Jane, my negroe man slave Adam, my negroe woman Phoebe, my negroe boy James, my negroe girls Hannah and Hattie, with all my house furniture of all kinds, all my plantation tools of all kinds, my stock of all kinds, with my plantation whereon I now live, during her lifetime and at her decease, to be divided as follows to wit:
I give to my son Charles, all my plantation whereas I now live, with all my plantation tools, my negroe slave Adam, my negroe woman Phoebe and my negroe boy James, after the decease of my wife forever.
I give to my daughter Elizabeth Byrd, my negroe girl Dinah, forever.
I give to my daughter, Jane my negroe girls Hatty and Amy forever, also one horse and saddle, two cows and calves, with one half of my house furniture forever.
I give to my daughter, Sarah, my negroe girls Ann and Betty, one horse and saddle, two cows and calves, also the other half of my house furniture forever.
I give to my son, David, my negroe boy Bob forever.
I give to my son Michael, my negroe girl Hannah, after my wife's decease, forever. I give to my son, William, my negroe boy Ceasar, forever.
I give to my son, Claudius, my negroe boy Adam forever.
All other of my lands to be equally divided among my six sons forever. The residue of my estate to be divided equally among all my children, after paying my just debts and funeral expenses.
I do also constitute my wife, Jane Busterd, executrix, with my son, Michael, executor, to this my last will and testament as witness my hand and seal, this day and year above written.
Signed in presence of us:
(signed) s/s William Buster,
Witnesses: James Newell, Sarah Newell, Phillip Gaines and Stephen Sanders.
[Source: Will probated in Wythe Co., Va on May 13, 1795. Recorded in Will Book No 1, page 32].