Person:William Bowen (12)

William Rankin Bowen
m. 1730
  1. Nancy BowenABT 1732 - 1759
  2. Agnes Bowen1735 - 1803
  3. John Bowen, Jr.1735 - 1768
  4. Capt. Reece 'Rees' Bowenabt 1737 - 1780
  5. Sgt. Henry Bowen1738 - 1808
  6. Jane Bowen1739 - 1811
  7. Rebecca Bowen1740 - 1826
  8. Robert P. Bowen1740 - 1817
  9. William Rankin Bowen1742 - 1804
  10. Arthur M. Bowen1744 - 1816
  11. Mary Bowen1748 - 1820
  12. Charles Bowen1749 - 1833
  13. Moses Bowen1754 - 1774
m. 1777
  1. John Henley Bowen1780 -
  2. Louisa Bowen1781-1789 -
  3. Celia BowenABT 1785 -
  4. Catherine Bowen1785 - 1868
  5. Tabitha Adams Bowen1787 -
  6. William Russell Bowen1804 -
  7. Samuel Adams BowenABT 1804 -
Facts and Events
Name William Rankin Bowen
Gender Male
Birth? 1742 Fincastle County, Virginia
Alt Birth? 1744 Orange County, Virginia
Military? 10 Oct 1774 Served in Battle of Point PleasantBattle of Point Pleasant
Marriage 1777 Abingdon, Washington County, Virginiato Mary Henley Russell
Death? 15 Dec 1804 Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee

Information on William Bowen

William BOWEN(18) was born about 1742. He died on 15 Dec 1804 in Nashville, TN. Parents: John BOWEN and Lily MCILHANEY.

He was married to Mary Henley RUSSELL. 14. William R Bowen (John , Moses ) was born 1742 in Fincastle Co., VA. He died 15 Dec 1804 in Nashville, TN.

William married Mary Henley Russell, daughter of General William Russell and Tabitha Adams, on 1777. Mary was born 1760. She died 1815.

They had the following children:

+ 90 M i John H Bowen was born 1779.

 91 F ii Louisa Bowen died in Wilson Co., TN. 
       Louisa married James Saunders. 
 92 M iii Samuel A. Bowen was born 1793. 
       Samuel married Mary Hembree, daughter of Rev James H. Hembree and Asenath Gentry, about 1816. Mary was born 27 Sep 1797 in Anderson Co., SC. She died 31 May 1869 in Anderson Co., SC. 

+ 93 F iv Catherine Bowen was born Mar 1785 and died 7 Mar 1868. + 94 F v Tabitha Bowen. + 95 M vi William Russell Bowen Jr.

 96 F vii Celia Wilson Bowen.

Boan (Bowen), Capt. William was born in Virginia in 1742 and by age 35 had "accumulated quite a handsome estate." He fought in the Colonial Army of Virginia against the French and Indians, in the Battle of Point Pleasant on 10 October 1774, at Fort Randolph in 1775 and had been with Russell's Rangers when they helped relieve the besieged fort at Watauga. During the Revolutionary War he served in the cavalry protecting the frontiers in Virginia and Tennessee from the British, Indians, and Tories, At the end of the war he, with 15 other soldiers of the Continental army, traveled "all through Kentucky and the Cumberland country" prospecting for the best places to locate their land warrants. Captain Bowen claimed land in what is now Smith County, Tennessee "but the larger portion in Sumner County, about twelve miles from Nashville," where his family joined him in 1784. For two years they lived in a double log house and then built the first brick house west of the mountains. In good condition, it stands today in the Moss-Wright Park at Goodlettsville.28 His name appears on the 1787 military payroll.29 One "negro boy who is the possession of William Bowen" was sold to Andrew Jackson by George Augustus Sugg,30 and "William Bowen of Davidson County Mero sold unto Andrew Jackson a negro girl named Peg."31

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