Person:William Archdall (2)

Facts and Events
Name William Archdall
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1774 Dublin, County Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Degree[1] 1793 Dublin, County Dublin, Republic of IrelandBA, Trinity College, Dublin
Occupation[1] 1798 Tintern, County Wexford, Republic of IrelandRector
Marriage 1799 to Louisa Hewan
Degree? 1832 Dublin, County Dublin, Republic of IrelandMA, Trinity College, Dublin
Death[1] 14 Oct 1845 Stradbally, County Waterford, Republic of Ireland

The Rev. WILLIAM ARCHDALL, the eldest son, was born in Dublin in 1774. He became a Pensioner at Trinity College, Dublin, July 5th, 1788, graduated B.A. in 1793, and M.A. in November 1832. He settled at Seaview, near Fethard, Co. Wexford, being Rector of Tintern from 1798 to 1843. He was collated Prebendary of Tecoime, July 6th 1843 (installed, July 21st), but resigned that preferment in the following year. He died at Stradbally, October 14th 1845. The Rev. William Archdall married, in 1799, Louisa, one of the seven daughters of Capt. Thomas Hewan, of the 4th Dragoon Guards, by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of John Leslie and sister of John, 8th and last Lord Lindores.


By this marriage, the Rev. William Archdall had ten children :—

  • 1. The Ven. JOHN CHARLES ARCHDALL, Archdeacon of Ferns. He was born January 13th, and baptised at Tintern, January 20th 1804. He was tutored by his father; became a Pensioner at Trinity College, Dublin, February 2nd 1824; graduated B.A. in 1828, and M.A. in November 1832 ; and was ordained in 1828. He was Rector of Newtownbarry, Co. Wexford, from 1836 to 1897, and Archdeacon of Ferns from 1875 to 1897. He married, in 1837, Charlotte Eliza, daughter of Thomas Dawson, M.P., of Clare Castle, Co. Armagh, and widow of the Rev. Charles Dawson. The Archdeacon died without issue, May 11th 1897, aged 93.
  • 2. THOMAS HEWAN ARCHDALL, born and baptised at Tintern, August 31st 1808. He married at Tintern, April l0th 1833, Henrietta Sarah Sutton, of the family of Longgrage, Co. Wexford.
  • 3. HENRY GEORGE ARCHDALL (3rd son of Rev. William and Louisa Archdall), born February 19th, and baptised at Tintern, March 6th 1814.
  • 4. MERVYN WILLIAM FREDERICK ARCHDALL, born June 6th, and baptised at Tintern, July 19th 1818 ; married, in 1843, Abigail, daughter of Thomas Martin.
  • 1. ELIZABETH ARCHDALL (eldest daughter of Rev. William and Louisa Archdall), baptised at Tintern, May 2nd 1800; died of typhoid fever, and was buried at Tintern, March 11th 1819.
  • 2. HELEN HEWAN ARCHDALL, born March 14th, and baptised at Tintern, March 30th 1801. She married at Tintern, August 3rd 1820, the Rev. William Frazer, Rector of Killure, in the Diocese of Waterford. Their daughter, Louisa, married the Rev. Joseph William Dickson, Rector of Castle Archdale from 1886 to 1900.
  • 3. ANNE ARCHDALL, baptised at Tintern, December 1st 1805 ; died of typhoid fever, and was buried at Tintern, February 6th 1819.
  • 4. CATHERINE ARCHDALL, baptised at Tintern, August 18th 1810, and buried there, April 18th 1811.
  • 5. CATHERINE ARCHDALL, born and baptised at Tintern, September 12th 1811 ; married her cousin. Rev. William R. Archdall (q.v.).
  • 6. ANTONIA LESLIE ARCHDALL, born March 17th, and baptised at Tintern, April 2nd 1816 ; married at Newtownbarry, May 27th 1839, the Hon. Frederick Savile, R.A. (who died, April 3rd 1851), 5th son of the 3rd Earl of Mexborough. She died, March 23rd 1869, leaving issue.
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