Person:Wilhelm Habermehl (1)

Wilhelm Habermehl
b.9 Apr 1847 Hesse, Germany
m. abt 1834
  1. Johannes Habermehl1835 - 1926
  2. Heinrich Habermehl1837 - 1877
  3. Heinrich Wilhelm Habermehl1839 - 1841
  4. Johannes Friedrich Habermehl1841 - 1842
  5. Anna Elisabetha Habermehl1844 - 1889
  6. Wilhelm Habermehl1847 - 1936
m. 14 Sep 1873
  1. Albert Habermehl1874 - 1964
  2. Abraham Habermehl1876 - 1954
  3. John Habermehl1879 - 1962
  4. Catharine Elisabeth Habermehl1881 - 1963
  5. William Habermehl1883 -
  6. Levi Habermehl1885 - 1963
  7. Amanda Habermehl1888 -
  8. Barbara Habermehl1891 - 1968
  9. Catherina Habermehl1893 - 1974
Facts and Events
Name Wilhelm Habermehl
Immigrant Name[2] William Habermehl
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][3] 9 Apr 1847 Hesse, Germany
Baptism[3] 18 Apr 1847 Breidenbach, Hesse, GermanyEvangelisch
Immigration[6][7] 1856 Ontario, Canada
Religion[8] 1873 Lutheran
Marriage 14 Sep 1873 Perth County, Ontario, CanadaLutheran Church
to Barbara Ringler
Religion[2] 1881 Mennonite
Occupation[2] 1881 Wilmot Twp, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canadalabourer
Occupation[5][1] 1901 Wilmot Twp, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canadafarmer
Death[4] 11 Jun 1936 Breslau, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada
Burial[4] Wilmot Twp, Waterloo County, Ontario, CanadaShantz Mennonite Church Cemetery

The first farm Wilhelm and Barbara owned was known to the family as the "little farm", a small farm west of the Shantz Mennonite church. They later bought a larger farm east of the church, while their son Abraham and his wife took over the "little farm".[5]

Wilhelm and Barbara sold the farm in 1913 and moved to live in a wing of the house of their son John in Centreville (now part of Kitchener). Later, they moved to Breslau to live with their daughter Katie.[5]

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    son: Albert Habermeld, born 14 Sept 1874 (age 26) in rural O[ntario]
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    Barbara Habermehl, age 29, born in O[ntario], servant
    Albert Habermehl, age 6, born in O[ntario]
    Abraham Habermehl, age 4, born in O[ntario]
    John Habermehl, age 2, born in O[ntario]
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    birth date: 09 Apr 1847
    father: Johannes Habermehl
    mother: Anna Elisabetha Zinn
    system origin: Germany-EASy

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    Inscription, from photo of gravestone:
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    his wife Barbara Ringler died Dec 11 1920 in her 68th year'

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    wife: Barbara Haubermeahl, born Oct 1852 (age 58) in O[ntario]
    daughter: Catherine Haubermeahl, born Jan 1893 (age 18) in O[ntario]
    all Mennonite

  7. Fred Habermehl, Twigs, Branches Roots (early draft).

    The record of the 1930 family reunion reads as follows:
    "In 1856 John Habermehl and his wife formerly Miss Lizzie Zinn came to Canada from Strandorf, Germany. The trip was made by sailing ship to New York and thence by train to Canada and settled in Baden. It was some two years after they had come to Canada that John Habermehl was killed when he fell from a wagon as his team ran away".

  8. Perth County, North Easthope, 1873, registration #010212, in Ontario, Canada. Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1801-1928. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Archives of Ontario).

    his name: William Habermehl
    age: 26
    residence: Gads Hill Co Perth, Ont.
    birth place: Storndorf, Hesse Germany
    marital status: bachelor
    occupation: laborer
    parents: John Habermehl and Elizabeth nat. Zinn
    her name: Barbara Ringler
    age: 21
    residence: Petersburg, Co Waterloo, Ont.
    birth place: Petersburg, Co. Waterloo
    marital status: spinster
    parents: Henry Ringler and Martha nat. Kevon
    date and place of marriage: September 14th 1873 Lutheran Church near Gads Hill Ont.
    religious denomination of bridegroom: Lutheran
    religious denomination of bride: Mennonite

    It is assumed that the identification of Barbara's parents in this record is incorrect - either due to an error in the record-keeping or because she chose not to identify her real parents because she (a Mennonite) was underage and marrying a Lutheran in a Lutheran church. There appears to be no census record in Ontario in 1861 or 1871 for a Barbara Ringler other than the daughter of Albert and Katharina, and this marriage record indicates that the Barbara Ringler who married William Habermehl was born in Petersburg, Waterloo County, which is the same birth place given in the marriage or death records of 3 other children of Albert and Katharina Ringler. Additionally, her oldest child was named Albert.

    It is conceivable that Barbara's parents were Henry and Martha, and that they died before the 1861 census and Barbara was raised by Albert and Katharina, but there do not appear to be any Henry and Martha couples in Wilmot Twp, Waterloo County in the 1851 census (taken in 1852, shortly before Barbara was born).

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    William Habermehl, age 41, born in Germany (both parents born in Germany), farmer
    wife: Barbara Habermehl, age 38, born in O[ntario] (both parents born in U.S.)
    son: John Habermehl, age 12, born in O[ntario]
    daughter: Elisabet Hebermehl, age 10, born in O[ntario]
    son: William Habermehl, age 7, born in O[ntario]
    son: Liva Habermehl, age 5, born in O[ntario]
    daughter: Emanda Habermehl, age 2, born in O[ntario]
    g[randmother of wife]: Elisabet Ringler, age 88, born in U.S. (both parents born in U.S.)
    all Mennonite