Person:Wilbur Smith (4)

Wilbur David Smith
b.4 Nov 1861 Monroe County, Iowa
d.22 Jan 1930 San Diego, California
m. 30 Jun 1853
  1. Emma Rebecca Smith1854 - 1938
  2. Edward A. Smith1855 - 1912
  3. Mary R. Smith1859 - 1953
  4. Wilbur David Smith1861 - 1930
m. 1 Sep 1885
  1. Arthur David Smith1886 - 1952
  2. Edward Armstrong Smith1890 - 1941
Facts and Events
Name Wilbur David Smith
Alt Name Webb Smith
Alt Name David W. Smith
Gender Male
Birth[1] 4 Nov 1861 Monroe County, Iowa
Marriage 1 Sep 1885 Albia, Monroe County, Iowato Ida May Baird
Death[2] 22 Jan 1930 San Diego, California
Burial? Oakview Cemetery, Albia, Monroe County, Iowa

Wilbur was known to everyone in the family and the community as "Webb." (He also sometimes signed documents as "David W."; he apparently was not crazy about the name "Wilbur.") He was the youngest child of the family, born less than a year before his father went off to the War. As the youngest, he lived at home into his early 20s, doing casual farm labor and looking after his widowed mother. He had only seven or eight years formal schooling, but (according to my grandfather) he became an avid reader later in life.

Wilbur was married to Ida May Baird in September 1885, they settled in Albia, and he continued to do farm work as well as clerking in stores in town. Later, he worked as a coal miner and held a series of jobs with the railroad.


Monroe County, Iowa, 1895 State Census:S6

Smith, Wilber D. 31 yrs b. Monroe Co, IA Laborer None
     , Ida 24 yrs b. Appanoose Co, IA Keeping House Christian
     , Arthur D. 8 yrs b. Monroe Co, IA
     , Edward A. 4 yrs b. Monroe Co, IA
Porter, James C. 13 yrs b. Monroe Co, IA
(Note: They were living two doors from Ida's mother, Elizabeth Sapp)

Monroe County, Iowa, 1900 census:S3

Smith, W.D. b. Nov. 1862 IA (father, b. MO; mother, b. VA) Miner (coal)
     , Ida M. wife b. Aug 1873 IA (father, b. CO; mother b. IA) m. 13 yrs
     , Arthur D. son b. Sep 1886 IA
     , Edward A. son b. Oct 1890 IA
(This listing has numerous errors!)

Monroe county, Iowa, 1905 State Census:S5

line #52: Smith, Wilber D. E. Benton St
line #53: Smith, Ida M. E. Benton St
line #54: Smith, Arthur D. E. Benton St
line #55: Smith, Eddie A. E. Benton St

Monroe County, Iowa, 1910 census:S4

Smith, Wilber D. Head 46 yrs b. Iowa (father, b. MO; mother, b. IA) Clerk (Rail Road)
     , Ida M. wife 39 yrs (marr. 25 yrs) b. IA (parents, b. IA)
     , Arthur D. son 23 yrs b. IA (parents, b. IA) Tinner (Tin Shop)
     , Edie A. son 19 yrs b. IA (parents, b. IA) "Chopier"(?) (Automobile)

Monroe County, Iowa, 1915 State Census:S7

Smith, Webb D. 52 yrs b. IA Freight agent ($600 earned in 1914) 7 yrs of school Methodist (Father, b. MO; mother, b. IN)
Smith, Ida M. 43 yrs b. IA "Common school" Christian Church (Father, b. Colorado; mother, b. IA)

Monroe County, Iowa, 1920 census:S8

Smith, Wilbur D. 57 yrs b. IA (father, b. MO; mother, b. IA) Bookeeper, produce company
     , Ida M. 49 yrs b. IA (father, b. CO; mother, b. IA)
     , Irene P. (gr/dau) 8 yrs b. IA (parents, b. IA)

Ida May died in 1924. Wilbur's life seems not to have changed a great deal.

Monroe County, Iowa, 1925 State Census:S9

Smith, W. D. 62 yrs widowed b. IA 8 yrs of school (father: William H. Smith, b. IL) (Mother: Caroline Rowles Smith, b. IN); married Iowa "Unclassified Laborer" M.E. Church (no military service)


By 1928, Wilbur (now in his late 60s) was working for the railroad again, this time as the Missouri & St. Louis freight depot foreman. At the new year, 1929, having suffered from increasing bouts of rheumatism (or perhaps arthritis) he apparently retired for good and in February he took the train to San Diego to visit his son, A.D., and to enjoy the weather. He stayed for nearly a year, then became ill, and died at San Diego County Hospital, 22 January 1930. He was cremated and the ashes buried in the Smith family plot at Oakview Cemetery in Albia.

  1. William H. Smith Civil War file.

    Application and payment records for pension received for the Civil War service of her husband, William H. Smith.

  2. California Death Certificate.

    no. 52-072654

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