Person:W. Lyon (1)

William Robert Lyon
m. 5 Jun. 1860
  1. Ida Elizabeth Lyon1861 - 1942
  2. William Robert Lyon1865 - 1926
  3. James D. LyonABT 1868 -
  4. Robert J. Lyon1877 -
m. 26 Nov. 1891
  1. Ruth Lyon1892 -
  2. Alvin Robert Lyon1895 -
m. 28 Dec. 1900
  1. Prudence Yates LyonABT 1903 - ABT 2000
  2. James Royce LyonABT 1905 - ABT 2000
  3. William Robert LyonABT 1907 - ABT 2000
  4. Frances LyonsABT 1909 - ABT 2010
  5. George LyonsABT 1912 - ABT 2010
  6. Ida Lyon1914 - ABT 1914
  7. Ivy Jane Lyon1918 - 1918
Facts and Events
Name William Robert Lyon
Alt Name[2] Willie Lyon
Alt Name[3][9] William R. Lyons
Alt Name[4] William R. Lyon
Gender Male
Birth[11] 3 Jul. 1865 Columbia, Adair, Kentucky, United States
Residence[3] 1870 Lebanon, Marion, Kentucky, United States
Residence[2] 1880 Columbia, Adair, Kentucky, United States
Residence[11] 1886-1888 Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado, United States
Marriage 26 Nov. 1891 to Lucy Prudence Steele
Occupation[4] 1900 Campbellsville, Taylor, Kentucky, United StatesOwner Groc. House
Alt Marriage 26 Dec. 1900 to Ivy Jane Yates
Marriage 28 Dec. 1900 Bradfordsville, Marion, Kentucky, United Statesto Ivy Jane Yates
Other[5] 1906 Campbellsville, Taylor, Kentucky, United StatesOn founding committee of Russell Creek Academy
Religion[5] 1906 Campbellsville, Taylor, Kentucky, United StatesMember, Russell Creek Assoc. of Baptists
Residence[1] 1907 Campbellsville, Taylor, Kentucky, United States
Residence[8] 1910 Taylor, Kentucky, United States
Occupation[10] 1916 Campbellsville, Taylor, Kentucky, United StatesGrocer
Occupation[7] 1918 Campbellsville, Taylor, Kentucky, United StatesGroceryman
Other[6] 15 Nov. 1918 Campbellsville, Taylor, Kentucky, United StatesMember, The American Duroc-Jersey Swine Breeders' Association
Residence[9] 1920 Taylor, Kentucky, United States
Death[11] 19 Dec. 1926 Taylor, Kentucky, United States
Burial[11] Brookside Cemetery, Campbellsville, Taylor, Kentucky, United States
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  1. The Adair County News, Vol. XI, #3, p. 1, 27 Nov 1907.

    ... When about twenty years of age [Fanny] was married to Mr. James D. Lyon, in this place and of this union there are three living children- Mrs. Ida Hutchinson, Glasgow, Messrs. W. R. and R. J. Lyon, Campbellsville. Her husband preceded her to the grave June 26, 1882.
    During the life of her husband the deceased lived a few years in Lebanon and since his death she has resided the greater portion of her time with her son, Mr. W. R. Lyon, Campbellsville.

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    Marker Number 1924
    County Taylor
    Location Entrance to campus, 200 W. College St., Campbellsville
    Description Founded as Russell Creek Academy by Russell Creek Assoc. of Baptists in 1906. C.R. Hoskins sold ten-acre site for $1,000. On founding committee were J.L. Atkinson, J.R. Davis, George Durrett, James Garnett, Jr., S.E. Kerr, W.R. Lyon, B.W. Penick, Alexander Shively, W.T. Underwood, and H.C. Wood. Presented by Campbellsville College.

    (Reverse) Campbellsville College - Traveling central Kentucky by buggy, L.C. Kelly, T.E. Ennis, H.S. Robinson, Abel Harding, Ed Henderson, C.M. and J.R. Durham raised funds needed to maintain Russell Creek Academy. Institution became Campbellsville Junior College in 1924. Administration Building with classrooms and library burned in 1939. Rebuilt and became senior college, 1960.

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    6 Mar. 1918:
    Mr. W.R. Lyons, the well-known groceryman of Campbellsville, was calling on his trade in our town last Thursday.

    3 Apr. 1918:
    Lyon, Jane, infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W.R. Lyon, Campbellsville [Taylor Co.], d. "Tuesday of last week."

    17 Apr. 1918:
    Will Lyon, the popular groceryman, from Campbellsville, was calling on our merchants last Friday.

    1 May 1918:
    Mr. W.R. Lyon and wife, of Campbellsville, and Mrs. J. Cajer Yates, of Bradsfordsville, visited their uncle, Charlie Yates, and daughter, Miss Ella, last week.

    31 Jul. 1918:
    Strong Hill, Will Lyon, Jo Goodman, with several other commercial men were calling on our merchants last week.

    6 Nov. 1918
    Will Lyon, of Campbellsville, and Strong Hill, of Glasgow, two well-known commercial men, were calling on their trade in our city, last Friday.

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    SKETCHES. --- W. R. Lyon. --- The subject of this writing has been on the road longer than any other man who travels for groceries, in this section of the State, and perhaps is blessed with more vitality than any one of his competitors, and they are numerous. It is not uncommon for him to visit Columbia in the afternoon, work the town, then go to his home in Campbellsville to spend the night. His many years on the road, perhaps twenty-five, has enabled him to build up a large acquaintance, calling his customers by their given names, and his friendly handshakes have built up a large trade. He is a native of this place, but has been a citizen of Campbellsville for more than thirty years. He had but little of this world's goods when he first became a commercial salesman, but his satisfactory manner of doing business, tied his friends the closer. Economical, but supporting his family comfortably, he has been enabled to "lay up for a rainy day" so to speak, and to-day he owns a delightful home and forty or fifty acres of meadow land in the suburbs of Campbellsville, and is also a partner in the large establishment of Buchanan, Lyon Company, in his home town. His residence and ground attached are valuable, and he has it well stocked. His grandfather, Robert Lyon, was one of the most courageous men in Adair county. He was not quarrelsome, having a good word for every person he met, but he was firm and determined when he undertook to carry a point, so much so, that when a young man he was nick named "Tiger," and it remained with him until death, which occurred at the age of eighty-six. Will Lyon's father, J. D. Lyon, inherited his father's disposition--kind and affable, but determined. So it is with W. R. Lyon. When he starts out to sell a certain amount of goods in a month, he works day and night until the goal is reached. All of Mr. Lyon's competitors have the utmost respect for him, due to courteous treatment. We have never heard one of Mr. Lyon's compeditors speak only the kindest of words of him, hence he numbers his close friends by the hundreds. Mr. Lyon represents H. Wedekind & Co., Louisville, and the firm has not in its employ a more valuable man. May he live long, and continue to bring happiness to those to whom he is bound by ties of blood.

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