Person:Vernon Chaviers (1)

d.Jul 1970
Facts and Events
Name Vernon CHAVIERS
Gender Male
Birth? 17 Jul 1919 Etowah County, Alabama
Marriage to Ruthie Adaline Nix
Death? Jul 1970
Reference Number? Cousins of Dalton J. Nix Keyword
Reference Number? Descencants of Jennings NIX Keyword
Reference Number? Jennings NIX Descendants Keyword
Reference Number? JenningsNIX Descendants Keyword

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VERNON CHAVIERS Request Information � SSN 421-18-6101 Residence: � Born 17 Jul 1921 Last Benefit: �� � Died Jul 1970 Issued: AL (Before 1951)

Delivered-To: X-Originating-IP: [] From: "misty neal" <> To: Bcc: Subject: Re: Chaviers in Altoona Alabama Date: Sun, 01 Dec 2002 00:31:14 -0900 X-OriginalArrivalTime: 01 Dec 2002 09:31:15.0223 (UTC) FILETIME=[64FCFA70:01C2991C]

Thank you for the write back.The reason it has took me so long to write you back is because i no longer have a computer.So i have to use my friends when i get a chance any ways i will try and find out some more imformation about Vernon Chaviers.See if he by any chance conects to jasper chaviers.I went to school with an Adam Nix,i do know there are several nix in altoona.well if i find out any thing i will email you the info as soon as i can.

                thanks again,
                 mrs m chaviers