Person:Vern Carter (1)

Vern Carter
d.3 Apr 1975
m. 5 Nov 1885
  1. Sarah Ann Carter1886 -
  2. John Ferlsbury Carter1888 -
  3. Austin Carter1890 - 1962
  4. Mary Ellen Carter1892 - 1954
  5. Lewis Firl Carter1894 - 1942
  6. Vern Carter1896 - 1975
  7. Nellie Carter1899 - 1900
  8. Elva Carter1901 -
  9. Myron Carter1903 -
  10. Ray Carter1905 - 1908
  11. Reed Carter1905 -
  12. Earl Carter1908 -
  13. Wayne Carter1910 -
  14. Lindsay Carter1912 - 1976
m. 20 Jun 1923
  1. Nadeen Carter (1)
  2. Kenneth Carter (5)
Facts and Events
Name Vern Carter
Gender Male
Birth? 1 Sep 1896 Benjamin, Utah, Utah, United States
Other? 21 Nov 1900 sealed to parents
Baptism? 11 Jul 1905 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United StatesChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Marriage 20 Jun 1923 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United Statestemple sealing
to Elizabeth Livingston
Other? 20 Jun 1923 Salt Lake TempleEndowment, LDS church
Death? 3 Apr 1975

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My childhood was on a small farm at the place of my birth.

My father who had acquired the parental trade of blacksmithing, had employment in Spanish Fork, Utah, and for some time made the trip to and from work with horse and buggy.

In the spring of 1903, the family moved to the latter city to make their permanent home. Here my schooling began in a two room two grade school house. Completing these two grades, my elementary education continued in the Central and then the newly constructed Thurber schools. My graduation from the latter came with the class of 1912.

Following this graduation my High School days began. It was a polished beginning for a new adventure for a grade school graduate. The construction of the much needed High School building had been realized. As a Freshman, with many of the former classmates, we became the first four-year graduating class from the Spanish Fork High School, - this honor coming to us in the year 1916.

For a season my school days seemed to be ended. But the desire to continue in school was still with me and at the commencement of the fall term 1917-1918 I became a student in Brigham Young University. This was an outstanding year in scholastic experience. Not from any personal achievements do I write this but from the opportunity that was afforded me. This same opportunity may be had by others; - that of meeting together and mingling one with the other under the direction and influence of a spiritual atmosphere. Spirituality becomes a part of education in this Institution of Learning and an important contribution to my life has come from this spiritual learning.

At the close of my first college year a military-service problem had to be met. World War I and military service by drafting was to be faced. I made a decision and at the close of the school term, I joined the U.S. Naval Reserve Force. On June 24th, 1918 I was inducted in this service at San Diego, California. About four weeks later I was transferred to San Francisco where I celebrated the Armistice of November 11th. 1918. I remained here until December 24th. 1918 when I was released from active duty and allowed to return to my home.

The military service, even though a short term, seemed to form a break in the way of life and again decisions had to be made. This time brought me to Burley, Idaho on August 29th. 1919 to enter business and where since I have made my home.

Within a short time Church interest and activity became a part of me and responsibilities in service were placed upon me. Ward and Burley Stake positions of responsibility have been: Secretary, teacher and assistant to the Superintendent in the Y.M.M.I.A.; Elder's Quorum teacher, secretary and Quorum President; Sunday School teacher, assistant superintendent and Superintendent; member of Stake Genealogical Committee; secretary to Stake Melchizedek Priesthood Committee; - all these positions becoming good foundational experiences for a future and greater responsibility.

On June 20th. 1923 I was married in the Salt Lake City Temple by President George F. Richards to Elizabeth Livingston whose father is Charles C. Livingston and mother was Julia Olsen Sellers Livingston. Two sons, Kenneth V. and Ray L. and one daughter, Nadine B., make the family.

On the 5th day of June 1927, I was sustained as Ward Clerk of the Burley Second Ward, Horace O. Hall being bishop.

On the 2nd. day of December 1928, the Ward Bishopric was re-organized. I was released as Ward Clerk and sustained as second councilor to the new Bishop, David. D. Lamph. I was ordained a High Priest and set apart to this position on the 17th. day of February 1929 by Stake President David R. Langlois. Bishop Lamph moved from the Stake and again it was necessary to install a Bishop. On June 9th. 1929, David O. Harris was selected as Bishop and I was chosen as his first Councilor and set apart in this position on the 1st. of September 1929 by David R. Langlois. As a bishopric of the Burley Second Ward, David O. Harris as Bishop and Councilors Vern Carter and Albert Catmull were released on the 8th. day of March 1931.

From this time for the next number of years my activity shifted to the High Priest Quorum of the Stake. I became Quorum Secretary and later a Councilor in the Presidency, serving with two different Quorum Presidents during the time.

At the Sacrament meeting of the Burley Second Ward held on the 12th. of November 1944 in the Burley Stake Tabernacle, I was sustained as Bishop of the Ward with Harvey J. Steel and Wm. Canova Nelson as Councilors and Francis N. Carter as Ward Clerk. Windield Hurst and Newel P. Baker, Councilors to the Stake President were present for this official business. At the close of the Burley Stake Conference held on the 19th. of November 1944, I was ordained a Bishop and set apart to this office and calling by Elder Joseph F. Merrill of the Council of Twelve Apostles.

At the Sacrament meeting of the Burley Second Ward held on January 13th. 1946, Stake President James D. Hoggan met with the people and explained that a division of the Ward had been requested by the General Authorities. By now the Ward membership had reached almost twelve hundred souls. The division was effected and at a joint Sacrament meeting on January 27th. 1946, I was retained and sustained to continue as the Bishop of the Second Ward with Wm. Canova Nelson as first councilor and Claude E. Bingham as second councilor. This Bishopric continued diligently and faithfully to work together. Many constructive and progressive projects were carried out. Quorum projects, Welfare projects and Ward projects were carried forward. Contributions required of the Ward to build a new Stake Tabernacle were met. Purchase of the older Stake Tabernacle building was made. A repairing, renovating and a re-modeling job was made to this building to make it a more convenient and a more pleasant place for worship. A refreshing painting and re-decorating job and the installation of new divisional curtains for classes made a place for holding meetings become a place for worship of a more reverential magnitude.

A spirit of good fellowship, with a unity of purpose to serve the Lord as Latter Day Saints was created and this has become the greatest blessing to me as a part of my life.

At the concluding session of our Ward Conference, directed by the Stake Presidency, and held on the 18th. day of January 1953, another Ward bishopric was sustained and Bishop Vern Carter with Councilors Wm. Canova Nelson and Claude E. Bingham were released with an expression of thanks and appreciation to them.

And may I conclude with my thanks and appreciation for the opportunities and blessings that the Church has for the spiritual advancement of Her people. My priveleges and blessings have been many and I am greatful to the many who have been my helpers in His work in which we have served. Especially do I have love and gratitude to the faithful Councilors and a Ward Clerk who truly supported me. These with the faithful support and the kindness, love and blessings of a true, humble and sincere wife are my blessings and become the treasures of reward to me from being called and chosen to be a Bishop to a splendid Ward of fine Latter Day Saint people.


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