Person:Vergie Powers (1)

Vergie Powers
Facts and Events
Name Vergie Powers
Gender Female
Birth? ca 1900 Tennessee, United States
Marriage ca 1917 Mississippi, United Statesto William Luther Pollard
  1.   Prentiss, Mississippi, United States. 1910 U.S. Census Population Schedule, Roll T624_456, P 20A.

    Luther Pollard, b. abt 1894, Mississippi, Hired Man, Beat 1, Prentiss, Mississippi
    Luther Pollard, age 16, S, W, M, b. Mississippi, enumerated with Chrestina C. Smith age 60.

  2.   Alcorn, Mississippi, United States. 1920 U.S. Census Population Schedule, Roll T624_756, p 20A.

    W. L. Pollard, Beat 2, Alcorn, Mississippi, b. abt 1895, Mississippi
    W. L. Pollard, M, W, age 25, Rent, Virgie Pollard, F, W, age 20, b. Tennessee.
    Indexed on census as "Pallard"

  3.   McNairy, Tennessee, United States. 1930 U.S. Census Population Schedule, Roll 2263, Page 9A.

    Virgie Pollard, b. abt 1900, Tennessee, Enumeration District 7
    Virgie Pollard, age 30, F, W, age 30, as a Boarder. Enumerated with B. Cliford Dees, age 23.