Person:Vasco Fernandes Escudeiro (1)

Vasco Fernandes Escudeiro
b.Bet 1410 and 1420
  1. Brites Vaz FerreiraBet 1415 & 1425 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Vasco Fernandes Escudeiro
Gender Male
Birth? Bet 1410 and 1420

HHN says: Escudeiro da Casa d'EL-Rei Registao says: Escudeiro da Casa Real

Gayo and Pereira de Agrela name Fernao Vaz-Corte Real as Vasco's father, I first attched Fernao and Judite (Lancerote Teixieras daughter) as Vasco's parents, but could not get the dates to "work" It was agreed by all on the list that it must be in error, so I have again detached them until further info is found to support it.

Per Paulo-I believe the most correct way to depict it is is to assign no parents to Vasco Fernandes. It can be presumed that his father was a "Fernão" from the patronimic "Fernandes", but that's all. I don't know if there ever existed a Judite de Góis daughter of Lançarote Teixeira, if she married a Fernão Vaz, or if this Fernão Vaz was a "Corte Real". I'm still to document the existence of this people. Vaco is probably brother (or father) of Diogo Fernandes, Knight, c.c. Catarína de Espínola (One Vasco Fernandes is documented in 1501 as brother of Diogo Fernandes) There is one Vasco Fernandes Ferreira documented in 1501, who could be son of the former. Perhaps he is the same as: Vasco Fernandes c.c. Isabel Gomes. Isabel Gomes' "terça" was in Pico do Cardo (in Stº António, Chamorra). By 1518, those lands had been sold to Pedro Chamorro. Decades later, a descendant of him would give their name to the place - Beatriz Chamorra.

Escudeiro in this case would translate for "squire". He started as D. Manuel's squire and secretary when D. Manuel was still Duke of Beja, and when he became ki Vasco upgraded to squire of the Royal House. He then came to Funchal (and possibly to the Azores as well) where he served a number of public positions in our town hall, as representant of the people, etc..-per Paulo

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  3. Paulo Gomes Jardim. Paulo Gomes Jardim-Fellow Researcher & Cousin.

    Vasco Fernandes (the purposed Eva's husband) was a real - and illustrious - person, who among many things, founded the Hospital of Angra do Heroismo acting on orders of D. Manuel, then Duque de Beja. He was a squire of the ducal house, documented in Funchal since 1466. He was then serving D. Fernando, the "Infante Santo". The problem is that we don't know from primary sources who he married, or even if he left descendants in Madeira.
    I have, however, a Vasco Fernandes Ferreira documented as Homem Bom da Câmara in 1501, Funchal, who may be a possible descendant.